17 April 2009

Sun Ra Quartet - New Steps

cdr rip, 320 mp3, Horo

Pablo's back ! I had announced plans to shut down I Forgot Clifford which generated all kinds of comments from all planets. I was graciously invited to be able to post and administer at Inconstant Sol. I thought I would transfer my top ten downloads from Clifford to this site before closing down Clifford. This was the number one download. I believe it was because Horo has been been hard to find and everyone wants to here John Gilmore in a quartet with the Ra. There is a second cd in this series, Other Blues. I had it on a car cassette and remember preferring this one.

Sun Ra - keyboards
John Gilmore - ts
Michael Ray - tpt
Luqman Ali - drums

My Favorite Things
Moon People
Sun Steps
Exactly like you
Friend and friendship
Rome at twilight
When there is no sun
The Horo

January 1978



matt w said...

Welcome back pablo -- thanks for posting this!

The Haunter said...

Indeed, many thanks for New Steps.

Wallofsound said...

It's great to have you in the team, Pablo. An excellent first post, as well. Thanks for sharing.

Bombshelter Slim said...

This was indeed a great album!!

Jon-A said...

Glad you have a new home, Pablo. I really enjoyed I Forgot Clifford. You, and other Ra fans, might enjoy the Ra discography at http://blaxploitationjive.blogspot.com - about...ulp...170 discs posted.

noteworthy said...

Hi Pablo
I've followed you across to the 'sol.

Sun Ra is one of my top 5 favourite artists of all time and this is going to be on heavy rotation for some time to come!
Thank you.

noteworthy said...

Phew! Just had a quick peek around the blaxploitationjive site. Interesting place! :)
Thanks to Jon-A for the tip.

sasha said...

Hey what a pleasure to listen to John Gilmore in quartet!! Beautiful...Many thanks.

Laurent said...

thanx a lot, i was looking for that one... when there is no sun... pfff what else????


Linus y Mr. Pul said...

Could you please re-upload this?

Anonymous said...

It would indeed be wonderful if this could be uploaded once again!


kinabalu said...
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Anonymous said...
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James Manion said...

would a new link be possible please, Thank you!

kinabalu said...

I would say so.


James Manion said...

Awesome, thank you kinabalu