19 April 2009

Cecil Taylor Live in Pisa '82

For my first "official" post on IS i've chosen this recording,
even for paying tribute to the Great Master who, few weaks
ago, has celebrated his eightieth birthday.
The music, a six parts suite, reminds closely the Basel concert
(November 16, 1981) recorded and published by Hat Hut
(particularly the 2nd CD : Garden pt. 2).
The encore is missing : end of the cassette...

Cecil Taylor, piano solo

Recorded live in Pisa, Italy, on July 24th, 1982

1. Part 1 (28:46)
2. Part 2 (15:47)
3. Part 3 (13:22)
4. Part 4 (10:58)
5. Part 5 (11:42)
6. Part 6 (06:40)

Total Time 1:27:17


riccardo said...

lame (199 MB) :

flac (436 MB) :

wightdj said...

Every CT solo is like a unique snowflake. Thanks.

kinabalu said...

Congrats with your first post. Nice to see you "properly" on board! If you feel like "upgrading" your previous posts from the comments section, please go ahead.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Riccardo.

Alex said...

A big thank you for this and the other post that you have shared with us riccardo! The muhal richard abrams shows you posted were unexpected, and probably the best finds I have ever come across (for me anyway!)

Owombat said...

thank you for this CT solo, Riccardo!
great music, plus, it´s new to me, and mindit! i have around 300 roios of CT´s shows in my collection.
a question though:
is this your own recording? the applause sounds very strange, as if being treated with massive digital filtering. maybe this was done to improve the piano sound (with some success, but i do not know the original tape)
thanks for sharing this new snowflake (nice alliteration, wightdj) !