25 August 2019

Exiles - Dangerous Music (Esfoma 1986)

Exiles - Dangerous Music (Esfoma 1986)

Esfoma Recordings, ER53

A1 - Urban Nocturne    
A2 - Prism    
A3 - Mycelium Cortex    
A4 - Bad Companions    
A5 - Into The Dark    
B1 - Forest Dance    
B2 - Sonaire: Beyond The End Of Time    
B3 - Solidarity    

Greg Mills, Jay Zelenka

Instruments include Alto Sax, Piano, Flute, Melodica, Celeste, Violin, Percussion.
Credits are generic, probably keyboards are by Mills, reeds by Zelenka.


corvimax said...
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Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you, Corvimax. Apprecite this cassette rip.

But I would ike to mention that at least two tunes from this release were reissued by the musicians themselves - as I discovered only five minutes ago.
(Into The Dark + Sonaire: Beyond The End Of Time)
It is a compilation from several Exiles releases now available as download and on CD.
Ordered this CD about ten days ago from the musicians.

There's another CD by Exiles which I would like to recommend very much.
It's titled "Stranded in Paradise" and was released by Leo Records in 1990.
It is still available through the label Freedonia Music http://freedoniamusic.org/
They also sell CDs (and downloads) with hitherho unreleased music by the HUamn Arts Ensemble (f.e. https://www.discogs.com/The-Human-Arts-Ensemble-Autonomous-Oblast/release/3435050 - it is from 1975/76).

corvimax said...

two tracks in a compilation. what is the policy of the blog in this case?

corvimax said...

actually it looks one track to me: Into The Dark.

"Sonaire: Beyond The End Of Time" is from "The Only Cure" ‎(Esfoma 52). So it says in "From the edge" cover; lenght of the track is also different, and the title is slightly different.

correct silence said...

Hi Corvimax
In my memory in the past in that case, tracks that are available somewhere else can be removed from the post but it is strange in a way to post only part of an lp or cassette.
it is very nice to see you post again because it is one of your preview post that makes me discovered this label and this duet that was completely unknown to me. Few days after I go immediately on the bandcamp page and bought several cd, I published the list on your preview post but I publish it again
-STONE, ZELENKA, MILLS premonitions
-EXILES kalimbamania
-EXILES stranded in paradise
-EXILES from the edge
-EXILES the only cure

all of those cd's are great, thank you Corvimax for your preview post and this one.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Corvimax - I would say it is OK to post this cassette here. If it is only one track which is otherwise available this post might be a kind of teaser.

correct silence said...
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brian said...


BT said...

Thank-you very much

sandor essedy said...

I've the Leo "stranded in paradise", glad to know this new one!! Great thanks!!!

correct silence said...

There are two mistakes in the list of recommended cd from Exiles and crew that I published in my preview comment.
-Exiles "the only cure" is not available on cd, I took it from Corvimax's preview post and "stranded in paradise" was offered as a gift by the musicians for orders over 3 cd if my memory is well, this was two years ago at the time when I ordered some cd's from Freedonia Music.
I would like to believe that we still have an influence on the followers in the fact of paying for music but I'm less and less optimist about this. For more and more people "free jazz" means that they don't have to pay to get music.
It remain me the text of Randy Newman's song "small people" that didn't talked about the physic but about the mind.

corvimax said...

From the middle of A2 - Prism to the end of A3 - Mycelium Cortex there is only one channel working. I was'nt sure where is the problem because my amp is damaged and sometimes makes me this trick. But I was sure that I left a note about it, probably in the wrong place because I can't see it nowhere.
Now that someone made me clear that the problem is not my amp, I re-up the album with left channel copyed in the right, only there where the problem was. Also split tracks.

new link: