4 August 2015

Ornette Coleman & Prime Time - Live in Nervi '78

Posted originally by Riccardo back in 2011, updated and with new links.

Another memorial post.

There was a request for Ornette from the period 1976-80 :
this is a typical concert of those years.

Rec. live at "Teatro ai Parchi", Nervi, Italy,
on July 24, 1978 (mics recording)

Ornette Coleman,alto sax,trumpet & violin
Charles Ellerbee/Bern Nix,guitars
Albert Arnold,elect. bass
Ronald Shannon Jackson/Denardo Coleman,drums

1. Sleep Talk (13:21)
2. Song X (15:48)
3. Lonely Woman (22:12)
4. Macho Woman (15:22)
5. 3 Wishes (11:19)

Total Time 1:18:05

excerpt from Macho Woman


riccardo said...
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Anonymous said...

Ornette! Thank you!

roberth said...

can't wait to hear this.
i always like jackson on drums with ornette. thanks

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot marco

Karl Evangelista said...

Thanks for this share! I'm almost positive that one of the guitars is James "Blood" Ulmer. The video on youtube filmed in Germany (1978) also lists Charles Ellerbee as the 2nd guitarist (in addition to Bern Nix), but guitar #2 (closer to Denardo) looks much more like Ulmer than he does Ellerbee. Also, there's some tell-tale technical stuff going on that would indicate Ulmer's presence (it's all in the articulation--extremely staccato--and in the phrasing--inclined toward dissonant sequences and unidirectional line construction. Also, that chording is unmistakeable).

JC said...


Anonymous said...

again amazing posts. big thanks.

karl is right. it's ulmer and he's fantastic. this was the best version of Prime Time.

red cloud

Anonymous said...

any chance of a memorial re-up?

kinabalu said...

New link:


rm said...

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Thank kinabalu,
all Ornette's reup are welcome! I saw him some years ago with Denardo and 2 bassists, and I listened Shannon Jackson with Wadada Leo Smith in Padua. His drummig was so strong I feared ancient medioeval frescos breaked off from walls! Two great losses for jazz! someone can post Ornette's Reggio Emilia 4/21/90 (Skies of America) or New York Battery Park, 6/1/2000?
Good jazz to everuone

Scraps said...

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reposting this.

Hen Gates said...

Definitely Ulmer, with Fred Williams on electric bass. Track 3 is Murakami, not Lonely Woman.

mike said...

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sotise said...

@Mike why not use adblock if your using Chrome its free,Firefox also has adblocking extensions
most browsers do...most filehosts have hidden ads including sendspace a host you have frequently used!

mike said...

thanks for the hint