6 January 2014

Paul Bley & Anette Peacock- Dual Unity 1972

 This one goes out to Brother H, by way of potential inspiration!

A pioneer of the use of Synths in Jazz, along with Sun Ra , Burton Green , and Masahiko Satoh....
Bley made several recordings with Peacock in this lyrical spacey free style, this is very similar territory to the better known , America lp, Improvisie-(AM6121),

More concise, and probably heavily edited from longer live performances , this has the added bonus of featuring more of Annette Peacocks , distinctive voice, seemingly pitched somewhere between , insouciant  bored irony , and heartbroken agony...that voice,so  deceptively sensuous often evokes a certain detached unexpected froideur,  like the abrupt sinking feeling of being sexually rejected, by someone you thought was warmly inviting seduction.... and later perhaps finding out , the said object of desire got off on your humiliation.

Bleys incredible solo on Gargantuan encounter, is a marvel ,threatening to recklessly career out of control and fly off the rails into some bottomless abyss.. hell of a ride,

ripped from a friends well worn copy years ago , its last reissue  on cd was  in Japan ,2 decades ago...
would be great to be able to buy a Bley produced cd of further contemporaneous live material  in this vein!

INFO FR Discogs
Annette Peacock & Paul Bley ‎– Dual Unity-1972
M.J. 17:16
Gargantuan Encounter 4:40
Richter Scale 8:10
Dual Unity 3:15

Bass – Mario Pavone
Drums – Han Bennink, Laurence Cook
Electric Bass, Piano, Voice – Annette Peacock
Synthesizer, Electric Piano – Paul Bley

Recorded in concert in Europe, 1970.
Freedom-FLP 40109, 2383-105
lp rip


SOTISE said...

Flac no Pics
short but sweet...

Unknown said...

I remember Bley telling me in 72 or 73 how great Han Bennink was. I also remember him telling me about NHØP back then... Took me a bit to keep straight all those names for just one guy.

I played keyboards w. Annette in Europe in 1974

Anonymous said...

This is one I've never before come across. Great lineup - Annette on bass! Can't wait to listen. Many thanks.


SOTISE said...

Unknown, Brian, thanks my only regret is selling for peanuts 20 yrs ago , Synthesizer show
and the Awesome Annette psych out pop album i'm the One!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one Sotise. I requested it some time ago—really excited to see it show up. Wondering if anyone can share the elusive Revenge: The Bigger The Love The Greater The Hate? BTW, I'm the One was recently re-issued by Light In The Attic on CD and vinyl.


john said...

many thanks for these rarities you're posting. I generally prefer Bley on piano but he's always worth a listen.

kinabalu said...

Highly appreciated, Brother M!

Solomon said...

Thank you!

SOTISE said...

Robert , thanks for the low down..
i'd like to plug Annette Peacocks , an acrobats heart on ECM, to anyone who likes her songs , the reverb is moderate and suites them , its very beautiful , also on ECM M.Crispell's nothing ever was anyway , a double disc of Peacock tunes, is a winner!!

Brother K... you're welcome!

apf said...

Thank you!

onxidlib said...

Thanks M for your alluring intro...I'll click my tongue in appreciation.
Thank you also for the music - hitherho never heard anything from Madame Peacock, I believe.

TinyRonin said...

Thanks for this piece of vinyl. Annette Peacock is one of the best female musicians I've heard.

matt w said...

Thank you! Peacock is awesome (great to hear that I'm The One is back in print) and so is Bley's synthesizer work.

Haven't got the chance to listen to this yet but Annette also plays bass on Improvisie if you can dig that up. I remember her bass sounding nothing like a bass, in a good way.

corvimax said...

I use to know Annette Peacock more as a singer, in more conventional jazzy contest, strange at first the synth, but nice afterward, thank you

Newmill Mark said...

Thanks very much, anything by Annette Peacock is always worth hearing. I definitely second Sotise's recommendation of A Acrobat's Heart, that one really casts a spell

Trobar Clus said...

Could you please re-up?

Nick said...

Hi - I can re-up in a while

SlexaUran said...

Share please