5 January 2014


Recently I had the chance to buy a mint copy of a LP I've never heard about.
After listening to it I thought to share it with you - hope you don't mind my helpless efforts to make a picture from the front. My scanner won't work and the winter-light in Germany doesn't really help.
So you have the cover including the flash - which I tried to dim out with my finger...
Not at least this recording shows again the mastery of John Carter - recommended listening.

Cove photoshopped by wightdj - Thank you!!

John Carter, clarinet, soprano saxophone
Stanley Carter, acoustic bass, electric bass
Chris Carter, finger cymbals
William Jeffrey, drums
Melba Joyce, vocals

A1. Echoes From Rudolph's     10:24    
A2. To A Fallen Poppy             06:24    
B1. Angles                     06:22    
B2. Amin                     10:14    
B3. The Last Sunday             05:30

Recorded: September 6, 1976 and July 14, 1977.


(lp rip)


onxidlib said...


john said...

thanks for this, I always find small groups the most interesting, and clarinet & soprano very welcome. Also thanks for the alternative to 'rapidshare' (sic).

joesh said...

As a fan of John Carter I'm always grateful to discover new material. A big thanks for this - which I'll be enjoying after my exams are over (this week)!

Arcturus said...

simply Astonishing! The Holy Grail of John Carter recordings & an important document in LA's DIY creative music scene. Mark Weber, who shot the cover photo, has a very good historical piece on this period, "The Early LP’s Of The Free Jazz Scene In Los Angeles":


can't thank you enough man! I've searched for this for decades & never seen a copy in any format whatsoever - mebbe it's just my lousy searching, but "thank you's" will never convey . . .

Arcturus said...

"Do you remember on the wall in John & Gloria’s dining room
he had framed a check from BMI (maybe it was ASCAP?)

for something like $1.37

and it faced the dinner table, and John said he could explain
to his children why they weren’t eating steak tonight by pointing
at that check.

There was nothing else on the wall but that framed check!

Shawn said he remembered it well and that he seems to remember that
John later re-hung it at the Woodwind College."

Arcturus said...

another sparkling, flawless rip, onxi - this is just incredible - thanks again!

& here, for those interested in some more early, oop JC, is a fresh rip of Vinny Golia's "Spirits in Fellowship" w/ John Carter, Roberto Miranda & Alex Cline, from the original pressing:


SOTISE said...

thank you so much!!!!!I once passed this up for 5 bucks back in the mid 80's when Horst Leipolt's record collection was filtering through Sydney record shops!never seen another copy, either physically or online, i was new to the music, and didn't really appreciate the clarinet
in this context at the time...

wightdj said...

The LP I have was always a mess of a pressing with much surface noise and warp. Nice to have a cleaned up version, very worthwhile. Thanks.

Solomon said...

Thank you! I've been really enjoying John Carter's playing recently.

And thank you Arcturus!

serviceton said...

Ibedon was Carter's record label - to my knowledge this was the only release

serviceton said...

Thanks for posting this Onx - I have it and love Carter's playing on this. Always love Carter's playing in fact. [The first track on side 2 is stupendous.]
But I never knew there was a liner sheet - with the letter and notes by Bobby Bradford - I was really excited to see that for the first time! Thanks for scanning and including it!
Hope that's not too trivial a thing to get excited about - really it's about the music of course.
Anyone interested in creative improvisation, I urge you to listen to this.

Lee said...

Onx, this is incredible. And additional thanks to Arcturus for the bonus Golia session.

Flight for Four just came out in a beautiful reissue, so hope springs eternal that the rest of Carter's incredible discography will make its way back into print.

Wallofsound said...

I always love Carter's playing too. One of those truly illusive records.

matt w said...

Thank you Onx! I had never heard of this record -- just listening to it and it sounds great.

At first I read that bassist as "Stanley Clarke" which was confusing.

Bill said...

Thanks for this rarity, onxidlib.
Carter is a fascinating musician.

Igor said...

Fantastic find, onxislib!
Not even know that this one exists. Thank you.

Scraps said...

Ah! Thanks for this. I had the misfortune to get into John Carter when apparently almost all of his music was out of print.

In fact: has anybody have the Gramavision John Carter albums from the eighties?

Raleigh said...

Looks like a reissue of this LP is on the horizon!!!

Arcturus said...

yes - coming *sometime* from NoBusiness records . . .