18 February 2013

Irene Schweizer - Rüdiger Carl Quartet,Zürich 17-11-81 FM

Here's something i've been listening to rather a lot over the past few days in the throes of a Schweizer, Carl Jag... a wonderful Swiss broadcast in gorgeous sound by an otherwise un officially recorded quartet of old Cronies.

Schweizer and Carl having recorded frequently together in Mid to late 70's, for FMP,Hat Hut,and Ogun
picked this up on Dime some years ago, thanks to the Original Taper/sharer(s)
Beautiful Stuff!


Irene Schweizer - Rüdiger Carl Quartet
November 17, 1981
Zürich, Switzerland

radio broadcast

Irene Schweizer (p)
Rüdiger Carl (ts, acc)
Johnny Dyani (b)
Han Bennink (d, ss, megaphone)

01. unknown title - 7:19
02. unknown title - 13:05
03. unknown title - 10:25
04. unknown title - 15:57

total time = 46:47

lots of great Schweizer here
the sublime, Tuned boots (Schweizer,Carl,Moholo) on FMP can be purchased here


SOTISE said...

Flac, split archive

marten512 said...

I've just been listening to 'Tuned Boots' from Destination Out (yes I agree it is wonderful stuff), so this is very welcome. Thank you.

Clifford Allen said...

Ooh, can't wait to hear this stuff. I have some of the FMP LPs (not COWWS, unfortunately) and the Hat Hut -all wonderful stuff. Thanks.

Nick said...

Fabulous and I like the picture too, thanks.

wightdj said...

Great session, appreciated.

jeff said...

You are a rock star sotise. Can't wait to hear this. These two have made some amazing albums together. Just got Tuned Boots on D/O also. Another great album on D/O that is Zwei Quintette - Two Compositions By Rüdiger Carl and of course King Alcohol(not w/Scweizer but an amazing band also). Also Messer Und... from the FMP Box and Cowws and on and on. Love these musicians. Many, Many, Many Thanks

onxidlib said...

Great line-up - excellent music and sound.
Thanks a lot dear Sotise!

SOTISE said...

you are all welcome, thanks for all the fine music!

onxidlib said...

The first track is "Swarte Specht" (black woodpecker) and Schweizer plays also percussion and Bennink several so called devices.
Info from the announcement at the end of track one and four.

kinabalu said...