19 February 2013


A venerable-looking line-up for this LP





Here's a small thank you for Kinabalu's fantastic series of posts of the Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra. This is François Tusques in a piano-vocal duo with Catalan singer, Serge Utgé-Royo, performing songs and music in evocation of the Paris Commune. Like some of the IFDMO LPs, this was also released on Le Temps Des Cerises. The label name derived from the famous song by Jean-Baptiste Clément and Antoine Renard, dedicated to the fallen in the overthrow of the Commune during the Semaine Sanglante. The  other pictured artists originally wrote, adapted or performed the music in the solo piano suite. 

A1.  Sur Le Temps Des Cerises
A2.  Histoire Du Mouvement Ouvrier
- Elle N’Est Pas Morte
- Les Canuts
- La Semaine Sanglante
- La Butte Rouge
- Le Temps Des Cerises
A3.  Sur La Commune – Suivi De “La Canaille”

B1.  Tout Le Sang Du Monde
B2.  Nous Gagnerons Ensemble Si Vous Les Soutenez
B3.  Chanson De La Néogravure
B4.  La Valse De Darboy

François Tusques, piano, vocals

Serge Utgé-Royo, vocals

Recorded on 17 November 1975.

Le Temps Des Cerises – 005.

Vinyl Rip


Vinylust said...

Wonderful. Thanks yet again Nick.

SOTISE said...

thank you for this, je suis le rois des branleurs

kinabalu said...

Perhaps I should mention that this very lp arrived in the post yesterday (from France).

Along with Michel Portal - Dejarme Solo!, released in France in 1979

I plan to do more French archive dives in the time to come - but one thing at a time, eh?

serviceton said...

My schoolboy French does not give me the meaning of the title though. I understand La Manche - same as Le Manche though?.. I understand Monsieur Le Roi des Branleurs above - but how does the whole title translate?
Thanks for this !

AA said...

Thanks for this Tusques, very appreciated.
@ Serviceton
Because my english "branle dans le manche" I use a google translation :
Ça branle dans le manche :
literally: there is clearance between the handle and the iron tool. The tool is not securely fitted.
second degree: it is no longer so sure! The idea is flawed,
Power no longer has the same insurance.
This is the beginning of the end.

"Le roi des branleurs" is the one who does nothing while pretending he does best than others

kinabalu said...

I found these definitions in French: Être peu solide ou mal assuré, Manquer de stabilité, Être dans une situation précaire.

Possible translations: Hang by a thread, tottering, shaky.

The third definition seems clear enough: To be in a precarious situation, or to be on shaky ground.

onxidlib said...

Thank you Nick for this very special post - I haven't downloaded it yet (maybe later...) - but it (s)peaks to my heart.

Nick said...

Glad you found it, Kinabalu. I really like Tusques work with songs.

The album title is also a line from La Semaine Sanglant by Clement.

Oui, mais …
Ça branle dans le manche.
Ces mauvais jours-là finiront
Et gare à la revanche
Quand tous les pauvres s'y mettront.

I think the intent is that although the Commune is teetering on the brink of defeat, the bad days will end and the oppressors will have to guard against the day when the poor all take their revenge

Les Canuts were silk loom workers in Lyons, who launched one of the first worker uprisings against atrocious conditions and pay in the 1830's. La Canaille, a song in celebration of the supposed "scum" of society. La Butte Rouge, a later anti-war song.

Important to remember how much people have fought and lost to improve working and social conditions.

kinabalu said...

Thanks Nick. I've also had an email which was quite elucidating about the historical and political context at the time as well as the on the colloqualisms of the day.

Anonymous said...

Also, if you haven't explored all the great links on the right side of this beautiful blog yet, here's one: http://pwatkins.mnsi.net/commune.htm

bozul said...

Please, can you put back the lins.
Thanks you.

elpeleon said...

Please, could you re-up this ?? Thanks.

brian said...

re-up please!

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear this. Is it possible to make it available again. Many thanks - René

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Very cool!! Thanks so much - René

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