23 June 2019

Stomu Yamash'ta - Percussion Recital - Columbia 1971

1 Variations From 'Odoru Katachi’
2 I. Ikari
3 II. Nemuri
4 III. Kanashimi
5 Uzu - Improvisation

Roetsu Tousha: Drums (Tsuzumi)
Suihou Tousha: Flute (Nohkan)
Stomu Yamash’ta: Percussion

Recorded live at the small hall of the Tokyo Metropolitan Cultural Hall on January 11, 1971
Published in 1971 with two different titles: « Percussion Recital » and « The World Of Stomu Yamash’ta ». This rip comes from the on demand cdr version issued by Columbia in 2014 titled « Hito » Percussion Recital


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