3 June 2019


This is not music or more exactly it is music but with footage from the respective concerts.
Culled from the French TV.

Among others we have the first concert of the Blue Notes in Europe, just arriving from South-Africa. After the concert and some weeks playing in Antibes at the beach (and elsewhere) they embarked to Zürich were they got offered Dollar Brand's place at the Cafe Africana.

The movie (~ 1:40) is not in high definition but the quality is easily good enough to enjoy these concerts and in case of Taylor's Unit something rather special.

- Lìnvité du dimanche 1969 -Fondation Maeght  (Cecil Taylor Unit)
with Jimmy Lyons, Sam Rivers, Andrew Cyrille

- Blue Notes - Antibes 1964
with Nikele Mokaye, Louis Moholo, Mongezi Feza, Chris McGregor, Johnny Mbizo Dyani and Dudu Pukwana

- Manfred Schoof - Antibes 1967
with Mani Neumeier, Jaki Liebezeit, Gerd Dudek, Buschi Niebergall and Alexander von Schlippenbach

Misha Mengelberg - Antibes 1967
with Han Bennink, Willem Breuker, Maarten Altena

- Theo Loevendie - Antibes 1969
with Willem van Manen, Nedley Elstak, John Engels, Martin Van Duynhoven, Joop Mastenbroek, Hans Dulfer, Maarten Altena


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

All in all more than 4 GB.


correct silence said...

only Marteen Altena is missing from your list Ernst about the Theo Loevendie & Consort. You have posted the audio version of this too short performance around two years ago

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you for the reminder, Correct Silence. So the bassist for Mengelberg and Loevendie is Altena.
Also the short audio fragments of the Howard Riley Trio and the Jacques Thollot Trio is from another film by "Jazz Harmonie". I've posted the music here https://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/2014/05/jacques-thollot-trio-howard-riley-trio.html

I've more films a.o. with the Black Artists Group, the Paul Bley Trio, Anthony Braxton Quartet, Dave Holland Quartet (from 'Conference of the Birds), more CT etc.

armando said...

Many thanks for this document, Ernst!

francisco santos said...


Ананасий Непитин said...


jeff said...

Thanks for this rare footage Ernst.
No Sam Rivers with CT in this '69 performance?

davide said...

I might be wrong, but I don't think cecil taylor played in antibes in 1969, he did play, with his unit, in St. Paul de Vence, Nice (July 29, 1969)

volumeselector said...

Very exciting. Is it an NTSC or separate video files? Cheers!

davide said...

Thanks for sharing, I can confirm that the Cecil Taylor unit is performing in Fondation Maeght St. Paul de Vence, FR

Marcel said...

Thanks a lot!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

@ Jeff - this performance is not with Rivers. But maybe the other French TV footage I have is with Rivers. At least my memory seems to say it is with Alan Silva.
We will see in due time. Cheers!

@ Osiris - wether the film is an NTSC - no clue. I don't know what an NTSC is. However it is a single file.

@ Davide - I do know that the CT performance is not from Antibes. I simply forgot to add the location to the posts title. And thanks for the date and the actual location!

Colin Green said...

Re: the Cecil Taylor segment, I think the video is of Sam Rivers with Taylor, Lyons and Cyrille, the quartet that toured Europe in 1969. Ernst, Alan Siva plays bass, and I can't see him there. He formed part of the Taylor quartet which played in Paris in 1966, as featured in Les Grandes Répétitions (“The Great Rehearsals”) but there was no bass player on the 1969 tour:


I also think davide is correct, the performance is at Fondation Maeght, St. Paul de Vence, about 30-40 km northwest of Nice, at which the “Nuits de la Fondation Maeght, Vols. 1-3” were recorded. The sculptures the girls are draped over are by Joan Miró, who appears in the video. Miró was present at the concert, and later painted four paintings, one for each member of the group, in gratitude.

According to the Cecil Taylor sessionography, the quartet played on 28 and 29 July 1969 at this venue, which were a Monday and Tuesday. Apparently, the video is named “Lìnvité du dimanche 1969”, which suggests the video may be of rehearsals on the Sunday evening, the 27th, and therefore not on the Nuits de la Fondation Maeght albums.

The piece being played is what they used throughout that tour, but as with many of Taylor’s pieces, given different names. On the albums it’s called “Second Act of A”, on other recordings from Berlin and Rotterdam in 1969, “Fragments of a Dedication to Duke Ellington”. In fact, I think the piece probably uses “Steps” from “Unit Structures” as it’s starting point. That album and “Conquistador!” provided material for much of Taylor’s group music in the following decades, and core elements on those albums can be traced back to at least 1962.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Colin,

I didn't mean that Alan Silva plays on this video / rehearsal but on another video I have from the French TV.
However it seems I have mixed the videos a bit.

Just checked it and I have a video of CT titled "Newport Jazz Festival a Paris, 1969" (only part 1)with Rivers, Lyons and Cyrille.
And another one which is titled CT Chateauvallon 1973 with Cyrille and Lyons (on the same DVD there's also the Black Artists Group).

So the video with Silva I was mentioning is on the 2x DVD "Les Grandes Répétitions".

Colin Green said...

Thanks for clarifying, Ernst. The other videos sound interesting, though as I noted "Les Grandes Répétitions" is available on YouTube.

It looks as if the Paris concert is the same quartet from Salle Pleyel on 3 November 1969. Further details here:


The Chateauvallon concert of the trio Unit (Taylor, Lyons, Cyrille) from August 1973.

BT said...

Thank-you so much

jeff said...

Finally got all these files and was able to watch, this morning.
Really stellar footage of all of these bands!
Vintage Blue Notes, while Nikele Mokaye was still in the band before he went back to South Africa in 1965 due to illness among other reasons. Great stuff.
Indeed, Rivers is playing with the CT Unit here. Wow. Really rare stuff indeed. Love this quartet version of the Unit.
Schoof's band is on point. Really enjoyed this great footage of Buschi(especially)....and the whole band. Great performance.
Always enjoy some Loevendie.
.....But the early ICP footage!! Wow.
Amazing to see Misha, Han, Willem and Maarten performing in 1967!
Speachless... Never seen this film of them before.
Just thought I would check back after actually checking this out.
Really great post.
Thanks again Ernst.

softnucleus said...

A million of thanks for these vintage gems, Ernst!!!
Greatly looking forward to Black Artists Group, the Paul Bley Trio, Anthony Braxton Quartet, Dave Holland Quartet (from Conference of the Birds), more CT, etc.

Solomon said...

Thank you so much Ernst! This is all incredible. I never thought I'd be able to see footage of The Theo Loevendie Consort performing music from Mandela....amazing!! Wow...Again, thank you so much!

Bill said...

This is perfect Ernst! Many thanks.

CICCILLO said...

Please can you please put the files somewhere else? 1fichier is banned in Italy....

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

@Ciccillo, perhaps I have two ideas how you would be able to download the files.

First you could add a VPN to your browser. This one is for free and as far as I know a reliable add-on. No problems so far!
It helps me in most cases to download from websites previously unavailable for me.

Or you could use a proxy-site. Haven't checked it for myself but I know some friends and acquaintances who used it and it worked.

Hope this will help.

CICCILLO said...

Many thanks for info and advices, I got something with Android but my tablet is too slow! My pc instead work with Ubuntu and Touchvpn does not work with Linux....🙁

Anonymous said...

great share !!!... thanks Ernst, appreciated!

Rick Lopez / bb10k said...

Any chance someone could WeTransfer these to me? I'm trying to finish up the entries in the Rivers Sessionography (Book coming this fall), and I've yet to find this documentary. That 1fichier site is... difficult.