31 January 2013

Mal Waldron Trio-Set me Free 1969

Here's Another Waldron Treat , a Lost BYG album that wasn't issued until the early 80's ... from his most outstandingly original creative period !!
Affording us the opportunity of hearing a different side of Barre Phillips , in jet propelled Wilbur Ware mode....
not exactly rare , but un reissued on CD except in Japan .... this rip is from the Uk Affinity Lp

Very Beautiful

Mal Waldron Trio – Set Me Free , 1969
Affinity ?– AFF 116

A1 Set Me Free ~ You Were Always There
A2 Yeah 9:03
B1 Jamaica Libre
B2 Desillusion
B3 Attila The Hun

'Philly'Joe Jones-dr

PS, not certain how long these links will last , since it appears that today (for me at least) Zippyshares Login functionality is impaired!


SOTISE said...

Flac, Pics

Nick said...

Worked fine for me, thanks and fine music.

Nick said...

Despite the sleeve, there were only these five tracks on the LP and CD releases.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this in years and not heard any of it, but this is my favorite Mal Waldron period. Looking forward to it. By the way, Zippyshare worked fine, and is one of the few that allows simultaneous downloads of multiple part files. Many thanks.


trane said...

Gee, and right when you think all of waldron has circulated this great surprise pops up, thanks!!

Peter said...

Thanks a lot sotise! Had this vinyl too, as you say, never seen it digital. Thanks very much.

I don't know which period of Mal I like best. In some ways, loosest before his terrible breakdown c1963 (his accompanying of Mingus, Trane and Lady in the second half of the 50s was massive). I do like his second coming from the late 60s to mid 70s though. The Italian date (HORO, I think) and the ENJA double (with I Thought About You) are some of his most memorable solos of any part of his career.

Anonymous said...

Love it, thank you for this. A favorite period of Waldron's for me is the Japanese recordings of the 1983 trio with Workman & Blackwell - they make a great Mosaic box set. Cheers, MB

jazzlover79 said...

Awesome! Been looking for this recording for years. Love Barre Phillips.

Megapouetman said...

Sotise, this is great great stuff
Million thanks

SOTISE said...

if i had to recommend some Waldron.. my favourites are,

up popped the Devil on Enja ,1973
The Whirling Dirvish-America /Musidisc 1972
Mal Waldron-with the Steve Lacy Quintet-America/Musi disc 1972

all are or have been on CD
of the earlier work , my favourite is Impressions, prestige 1959..

actually yeah ,Late Waldron is great too, the Village Vanguard concert on Soul Note
the Many Japanese only trios with Workman and Blackwell..

the Stunning Solo 'update' on Soul Note, (very much in print)

glmlr said...

Personally I was never much of a Waldron fan. He played the same solo for much of his life to my ears. BUT there’s a live LP/CD on Enja called “Hard Talk” from 1974 where, on the title track, the band swings like the clappers under a burning solo by Manfred Schoof followed by a masterclass in de-construction by Steve Lacy. Both men in top form. Waldron hangs on for dear life. Exhilarating stuff!

corvimax said...

I listen and appreciate many kind of jazz, but it shakes more is when the blues is involved, and with Waldron I go 'on the velvet', big thanks Sotise

SOTISE said...

Glmlr, yes i know the record , fine indeed..... but may i recommend 'update' his solo album on Soul note , as Challenging , and varied a solo piano disc as anything out there, some of which is very free by anyones standards.
it and much of the Black Saint/Soul Note catalogue is available for paid Dl from Cam Jazz , in Wavs!!

David said...

Just the mention of Wilbur Ware ... ahh, many thanks!

Nick said...

Hi Sotise - do you have a twin ? twin ?

I really like the percussive and soulful aspects of his playing.


1009 said...

Haven't had time to listen yet, but I wanted to post a thanks. I really like this period of Waldron, particularly the stuff with Lacy.

roberth said...

my current fav waldron is the spanish bitch release. my favorites of all time are black glory with jimmy woode, and pierre favre, the free at last on ecm and up popped the devil
thanks again. maybe this one will join the list

Lexman said...

thanks a lot!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the marvellous Mal and keeping the flame burning.

Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-up ?