24 November 2017

Okay Temiz Trio - Turkish Folk Jazz - Sonet 1975

In my opinion it is the best record of Okay Temiz due to the fact that the music doesn’t fall too much in some kind of « world cliché ». The reason of this successful cross-cultural meeting is perhaps because it have been recorded live.

Side a:
-Introduction, Batum, Ulah- Balkan.
Side b:
-Döktür, Kürt Havasi, Madimak, Üsküdar, Anadol Havasi, Trabzon Karsilamasi, Laz Havasi.

-bass: Björn Alke
-Clarinet: Saffet Gündeger
-Drums, percussions: Okay Temiz

All tracks except A1 & A2 are traditional Turkish folk music.
All tracks recorded March 25, 1974 in Stockholm except A1 recorded March 6, 1974 in Stockholm.

Lp Sonet SNTF 668 serie universal folk sounds Vol 5 published in 1975


correct silence said...

The perspective in this room is honest so this is a real lossless directly coming from the lp, not an mp3 stollen on youtube or on another blog and converted to a fake lossless.

Lucky said...

Thanks a lot for ripping and sharing this rare Okay Temiz, correct silence - much appreciated!!

ushaped said...

This is indeed a great record. Thank you.
Wondering whether you might have the duo record with Saffet Gündeger?


Ricarditoj said...

Much appreciated. Thank you for this beautiful music and for the ethics of Inconstant Sol.

Vitko said...

@correct silence,

Your malice soul apparently has no measure,
I know you're frustrated about my recent response to your comment so now in all possible ways you're trying to find something over the internet to hurt me. This is already the third time. Such a meanly imputation, unfortunately, goes to the detriment only you, and depicts your personality and your character. What you have said is certainly not the source of my post and please do not insult my intelligence. My links are absolutely available to anyone, and anyone who wants to check theirs quality and everything else, can do it with the appropriate equipment. Free improvisation is good only in music.

And another thing, if you did not know - libel, insult, spitting and public verbal maltreatment and harassment of my personality is subject to the Law on Protection and Human Rights. Do not think you're immune to it. I warn you!

And thirdly, because of such like you, my blog will probably also soon be going private. There are too many bad and malicious people who do not deserve to enjoy the music offered to them. As far as I can see, you can leave a clue yet only on Inconstant Sol blog.

And fourth, I do not force anyone to be on my pages, if you do not like it, please go ye where it seems to be better. But you're all glued up as burdock on my blog, you know perfectly why.

And also, I do not think I go into any discussion with you. I do not have time for that. I'm sorry.

And at the end;
You know what they say: "Behind the good horse the dust is rises".

Regards. V

James Manion said...

I am sorry to read that two people I appreciate are not getting along, life is to short for this. I do want to thank you correct for this beautiful album that far surpasses my anticipation. On track A1 it is obvious that Mr. Gundeger is playing a
clarinet but on A2 & B his sound goes from that of a saxophone into a bowed string
instrument to a snake charmer sound and back again.At one point on A2 it sounded like
he got both sax & snake charmer at the same time I will have to listen several more times. There are places where Okay's percussion is so relevant adding to the enjoyment
of this fascinating album. Thank you correct for sharing this and want to hear more
from Saffet Gundeger for sure!

correct silence said...

Oh no Vitko please don't call the police, I'm scared, my body already shaking and my girlfriend is crying, crying because she knows that soon she will have to visit me in jail.

correct silence said...

I don't have the duo lp but it makes me think that I can post in the future the Sevda at Fregatten
My copy is not at home so it will take few month before I can bring it back and post it.

Ben Ticehurst said...

Many thanks

bventure said...

Thanks for this - and thanks also to Vitko for the many many real lossless rips I have downlaoded from his wonderful site. A pty we can't jst enjoy the msuic without the unnecessary unpleasantness.

correct silence said...

@Bventure and for all the others ones who lives in a world of fairy tales, some years ago Igor have started a list of all the lies of Vitko, unfortunately this list can be updated. Here are just few exemples:
Here is the source of what is described as a lossless
Listening to both files with headphones you can notice that the surface noise of both lp are exactly the same at the same place. Problem: the post on youtube is older.

Here are two post that are presented as lp rip but if you listen carefully with headphones again there are absolutely no surface sound typical from lp, those are in fact cd rip
I do not accuse without evidence. You can continue to appreciate his blog but you have to know what you appreciate.

Vitko said...

@ correct silence,

A specific rustle (noise) arises from a gramophone needle that moves (scraped) through the vinyl grooves to read the record (thus, a physical contact).
When the sound transmission from the vinyl plate is performed with the laser gramophone (how I do), then noise does not exist. There is no physical contact here. The result is perfect. Because of no contact, the laser sound quality is quite similar to the original sound in the master tape.
The same audio information been engraved on the groove wall from the top through the bottom. Stylus reads audio information close to the bottom. The Laser reads audio information close to the top. Namely the Laser reads audio information which never been read by a Stylus, without any Contact and any Digitization. In this way, the old LP, right at the start, gains a better sound when transferring and no acoustic inconvenience.
You stayed in the Stone Age and did not understand the new technologies, you should be worried, you speak stupiditys, you listen to something with the headphones, what only you, think you'll hear.
We talked a lot about it on my blog some time ago, even some of the editors of the Inconstant Sol blog participated. Things were clearly stated and explained, as well as that after laser-ripping, I'm processing the sound in the professional Radio Corona Studio on top-of-the-range equipment.
It is therefore normal that: crunch, rustle and cracking, to which you are accustomed, you will not get from me. I have defined certain standards and I will stick to that.

And you continue to listen to ghosts in your headphones. I wish you all the happiness.

correct silence said...

First Vitko I notice that in your preview comment you said that you won’t have time to reply to my comments, so let’s consider that you have found time finally. I notice also that you have nothing to reply to the first part of my comment, the fact that you take files from others blogs or from youtube and convert them to fake lossless. I’m not the only one who have found this trickery. I have found the source of several of your post described as lossless, that are in fact mp3, I give only one exemple but there are others previously found by Igor. Regarding your description of that supposed modern technic for the lp transfer, how can you explain that this technic is not used in all of your post but only in posts of lp that have been commercially available on cd. Some month ago you have posted a series of blacksaint presented as lp transfer, all the blacksaint have been reissued on cd, same for the Glen Hall. if you pretend using a high quality transfer, why not using it in all of your transfer? Even the highest transfer quality from lp cannot totally remove the basic surface sound of an lp, it is a question of frequency. I’m not a beginner Vitko, remember that. You promised that your blog will turn private, why haven’t you done it yet? Just because your blog is an affair of narcissism. Are you able to do what you say for once?
Last but not least, everybody can see that you can post your comments or reply to mine freely here, this is not the case in your blog, you censored several of my comments and I’m also not the only one in that case. Have you something to reply in the fact that this conversation is possible here but not in your blog?

Miloš Latislav said...

Thank you correct silence, I knew Okay mainly via his recordings with Mongezi Feza and Don Cherry yet. Here is a little encore - two nice trippy tracks from 1975 single (with vinyl surface noize:) in mp3, which I dowloaded I do not know from where https://ulozto.net/!a48Ey9IiOZlP/okay-temiz-denizalt-ruzgarlar-dokuz-sekiz-1975-7z ... Anyway, if you want help with Stivín album(s) we discussed before in contributions section, contact me please via my blogger profile.

Carlos Bernal Calero said...

Thanks a lot for your Okay Temiz share. Really much appreciated, Correct Silence.

bhowani bhowani said...

Please, solve your problems with Vitko in a private way. Basically, I don't know and I don't want to know, I do not care, only the music remains regardless of the format. And the fact to offer also matters. On the form, matter of style, I do not appreciate much what looks like public denunciation or denouncement. That shocks me much more that all the rest.
Cheers !

Miloš Latislav said...

From my point view, correct silence vs. vitko thing is really clear - look at amount of vitko's arguing towards correct silence's simple arguments. Peace to all beings.

correct silence said...

@Bhowami You do not have to tell me what to do or not, if the content of my articles do not please you you do not have to read them, obviously as the music for free has charm, you are not able to boycott me. I did not want to talk about my friend from the other room anymore, but as the subject seems to interest many people including those who claim that it does not interest them, I will make one last contribution on this subject, perhaps the most magisterial , the one that will bring to light the work of my friend from the other room.

The subject is about a post done on September 21, 2015. The album posted is « Nutty On Willisau by Coe, Oxley & Co and it is presented as a lp transfer. This recording have been published for the first time as a double lp in 1984 and reissued in a single cd in 1990. But there is an important difference between those two editions: one track of the original lp is missing on the cd because there was not enough space to reissue all the music, the missing track is « Gabriellissima » the last one of the fourth side. You can check here and compare both versions described on discogs:

Now check the track listing presented by Vitko on his post

The last track is missing, his track listing matches to the cd not to the lp. he will certainly explain that he really own the lp but he have forgot to rip the last track, sure there is no other explanation.

My last point is to simply make you think about an obviousness, digitizing a lp requires a little time and I remind you that this work is unpaid. The most obvious thing is that when a recording has been reissued in cd, it is perfectly useless to digitize the vinyl unless it is of particular interest, but when the lp and cd versions are identical, it does not matter . So are you going to make me believe that there is someone who is willing to spend time and energy on such a worthless job, and all this on a volunteer basis? Do you believe in this fable? I think I have sufficiently talked about this subject and everyone thinks what he wants. What I fear, however, is that the addiction to free download causes a considerable reduction of lucidity and especially a requirement of increasingly weak ethics.

Miloš Latislav said...

Silence? Correct not. miloo2

Prohibition69 said...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqgW-2orQQg 😮