3 May 2009

Derek Bailey & Evan Parker - Live in Pisa '77

Empathy, is the first word that comes to
the mind listening to these Masters of
the european creative music : the most
radical and rigorous duo of all Seventies.

Rec. live at "Giardini Scotto", Pisa, Italy, on
July 21th, 1977 (mics recording)

Derek Bailey,guitar
Evan Parker,tenor & soprano saxophones

1. Improvisation #1 (24:09)
2. Improvisation #2 (10:02)
3. Improvisation #3 (09:36)
4. Improvisation #4 (09:24)

Total Time 53:12


riccardo said...

lame (121 MB) :

flac (313 MB) :

matt w said...

Wow, thanks -- anything with those two together is precious.

wightdj said...

Looks to be a good set. Shame these partners had to split up. Thanks.

dave said...

Thanks very much for this. The Incus website is back up and running at http://www.incusrecords.force9.co.uk/, get over there and buy something.

Anonymous said...

thanks riccardo,
looking forward to listen to this one! great duo indeed.
"mics recording" - i wonder by which other means a music recording originally could be done. you mean audience recording, rather than a radio broadcast?

Anonymous said...

Can't decod the FLACs - anyone else having any trouble, or, better still, a solution.

And thanks for this Riccardo.

Goofy said...

Thanks! Can't get enough of Bailey. His solo improvisations are GREAT.
I'm wondering too, what "mics recording" actually means?

1009 said...

Thanks very much for this, Riccardo.

If folks haven't noticed, DB's *Lot 74* has finally been reissued by Incus on CD. You can track it down in the States through Dusty Groove.

riccardo said...

@ Owombat
thanks for the question :
for "mics recording" i mean an audience recording made by microphones (of
course), while for "mix recording" i mean an audience recording made from the sound mixer (this was sometime possible in the seventies/eighties, at least in Italy). Third (and more easy) we have the recording of a radio broadcast.
all the best to you

kike hurtado said...

Thank you Riccardo,

great music, definily it's not for a romantic dinner, but this duo is a perfect company for winterdays.

derek bailey still kicks ass. Don't you?

best regards, Kike B-)

sotise said...

Thank you Riccardo for this last batch of incredible concerts, particularly this one.
cheers and take care!

david_grundy said...

thanks for this - listening to it now and it's a fine concert.

kingpossum said...

Blessings, Riccardo. We miss you Derek.

Anonymous said...

@ riccardo,
grazie mille for the answer - what i figured. and grazie mille as well for this historical and musical document - and in such a good quality (listening now)!
saluti, Owombat

sotise said...

riccardo ..yeah.. kudos for the beautiful recordings...all sound great for audience recordings from the 70's and 80's.... a very fine job indeed.
give me analogue anyday....

your live archive is a major, major contribution...to the jazz blogosphere.
once again thank you!

The Haunter said...

WOW! Thank you merci danke gracias!

flecker said...


Eric said...

Thank you. Really looking forward to this.

GBML said...

Oh great, I was there! :-) and now, 32 years later, i became again the opportunity to listen to it. Great
miledue grazzie riccardo

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the interesting post! I have not heard much in the way of sax/guitar duos before!

htakat said...

fantastic ,thanks a lot

Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Thamks for sharing this, any Derek Bailey is most welcome. Cheers.

Andy said...

Thank you Riccardo. You made soe great recordings!

Andy said...


Heath Watts said...

The FLAC files are no longer available on rapid share. Does anyone have another source for them? Thanks, Heath

Anonymous said...

This link is dead. Please re-up again. Thanks!