26 February 2007

posting comments here is easy

its been brought to my attention that, some people have been wanting to leave comments but either couldnt figure out how or felt that i had disabled this function.
to leave comments. just click on to a particular posts title ,each post has a 'backlink'which opens up and reveals a comments box.
clicking on to the posts title will take you there.
my account with the file host has revealed that the sunny murray and marion brown have both already been down loaded many times.
thanks to mr lucky for initially bringing this to my attention.(mr lucky posts at both cineville and border music,as well as here hopefully,if you leave him a comment.


chaamba said...


Your blog is very interesting for a jazz impro listener ; thank you very much ofr what you already posted, and thanks in advance for the rest :o))
I like some of the artwork as well, especially the more "art brut" bi or tri colored fresques.


chaamba said...

P.S : I am now discovering the Musée de la Création Franche website, thanks to your link. I love Art Brut.


dipmong said...

thanks chaamba, sorry i havent got back to you before this, you may have figured out i am an outsider artist. if you go to creation franche you may find images of my stuff under the 'name' marc bour
thanks for the cecil'nicaragua no passeran'at ch#9. if you are ever interested i could formaly invite you to post here.
heres my e mail dipmong@hotmail.com

Reza said...

Some great stuff here thx a lot

dirk neven said...

Hi dear modern jazz lover, I found your very interesting blog-site by accident, I didn't know that such a thing existed. Very beautiful music, and very good texts also. I keep on going bying free jazz cd's, but your site is a very good help for sold-out cds and seldom lp's. Many, many thanks for that. Maybe you have somewhere also the 'Kayrobean' (Spontaneous Music Ensemble) cd/lp, which I am looking for such a lomg time, but didn't found. God bless. Dirk, Kloetinge, The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

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