15 June 2018

Don Cherry Universal Silence - Berlin November 3, 1972

This has been requested by Ernst few days ago, this is for him and also for Mew23 who regularly bring back some treasures from the basement. 
Obviously this fabulous band lasted one month only and plays not more than 4 to 6 concerts. One have been officially released:
Two others bootleg seems to exist, one from the 3rd of November that is presented here, the second from the following day.
-Don Cherry : Trumpet, Percussions, Flute, Vocals
-Dollar Brand : Piano and Vocals
-Carlos Ward Alto Sax and Vocals
The Universal Silence Suite in six parts.

Recorded live at the Philharmonie Berlin on November 3, 1972


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jeff said...

correct silence,
The posting of this is much appreciated. Have never heard this performance. Thanks

BT said...

Many thanks

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Colin Green said...

I thought someone was saying this performance was of a piece called "Unchained Africa", with an encore of "Tantra". I've no idea myself, and haven't made any comparisons, but when I downloaded this recording a few days ago, I did alter the metadata to reflect that information. Some clarification would be appreciated.

correct silence said...

The concert on November 3 and the one on the next day at Berliner Jazztage were awarded to Don Cherry Universal Silence and each time the suites played were named "Universal Silence". But when you know Cherry’s discography you know that the titles of the suites don’t always refer directly to the pieces played. For example the sequence played on Eternal Rhythm contains parts that can be heard in "Complete Communion" without reference to this recording in the titles. Similarly in "Humus The Life Exploring Force" suite on the album "Penderecki" we also find excerpts from earlier compositions without their being named as such. it is the case for this suite in six movements that has titles in common with the official album "Third World Underground", all mixing compositions of Don Cherry and Dollar Brand that we will find elsewhere differently titled. It would be too long to explain how Don Cherry envisaged these long uninterrupted suites, but if you want to know more about Cherry’s approach to collective improvisation, listen to the "Complete Communion" studio album and the three volumes published by ESP (Café Montmartre), you will hear that the compositions are like small blocks that are interchangeable and are randomly summoned to introduce a new direction in improvisation. This is pretty clear in "Abf suite" on the album "Live In Stockholm". I don’t know if it answers your question about the importance of the titles, in any case I have no doubt that this suite is called "Universal Silence"

Colin Green said...

Thanks for that. I'm familiar with the albums you mention, but not the working habits of this particular trio. I raised the point as someone was adamant that the names were different, but what's in a name? I'll just call the whole lot "Universal Silence" and focus on the music.

jeff said...

Thanks for the good info correct silence. Do you play and/or compose?

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correct silence said...

Thank you for the link, it confirm the title but it brings also new informations: a quartet that obviously only plays once? it seems that this concert have been recorded and broadcasted so if someone have it, a post on the front page or on the contribution section would be more than welcome.
Since more than a decade I learn the north Indian instrumental tradition of the Dhrupad played on the Rudra Veena.
My first exposure to the sound of Indian instruments was when I listened to « Orient » by Don Cherry. Then I made my initiation to the Indian classical music and when I discovered the Rudra Vina first by a recording of Ustad Asad Ali Khan and then by another recording by Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar i wanted to learn this instrument. It is interesting to know that Don Cherry have meet several times Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar and his brother the singer Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar. Here is the story: when he was in Sweden Don Cherry often played with percussionist Bengt Berger. Since 1969, Berger went to India to learn tablas with Pandit Taranath Rao. One day Taranath Rao brought Berger in a house of Mumbai to listen to Pandit Chandrashekar Naringrekar, a surbahar (bass sitar) player. Chandrashekar asked Berger if he wanted to discover the rudra vina, the most respected instrument in north India. So Berger was introduced to Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar. Returning to Sweden he mentioned this musician and his instrument to Don Cherry. Obviously Cherry visited the Dagar family of Mumbai several times.

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Many thanks.

jeff said...

@correct silence
Interesting. Thanks for sharing brother.
Have the Orient/Blue Lake (Get Back) LP reissue. Great album with two great trios.

daniel said...

thank you very very much for this one.
great session, great meeting.
it's beautiful how it works so well the melodies by Dollar Brand and Don Cherry.

what a concert!

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Great share. Thank you very much.

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Link does not work for me. Could it be expired in a little over a month?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi manatee149,

the link is still active. Tried it one minute ago and the link was still available. You could try it with another browser.