12 April 2012

Arnold Dreyblatt Ensemble live at Borealis Festival, Bergen, 2011

Here's another video capture from last year's Borealis Festival in Bergen. This time it was the Arnold Dreyblatt Ensemble who performed late evening on the final day of the festival. Another recording by my son on the Nokia cell phone, capturing two sets in all. The first was a solo Dreyblatt performance on something that looked like a cross between a cello and a double bass, but didn't sound like either of those. The second set was a New York minimalist drone meets kraut rock, in which Dreyblatt is joined by Joachim Schultz on guitar and Jorg Hiller on drums. In addition, they handled various exotic devices which contributed to the overall hazy ambience.

Brief Dreyblatt bio:

Arnold Dreyblatt, (b. New York, 1953) Media Artist, Composer, studied Composition und Ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University and Media Studies at the State University at Buffalo/USA, lives since 1984 in Berlin. He was voted to lifetime membership in the Akademie der Kunste (Academy of Art) Visual Arts Section, Berlin in 2007. In 2009 he became Professor for Media Art at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel, Germany.

Info from the programme:

Arnold Dreyblatt Ensemble
Arnold Dreyblatt
Jörg Hiller
Joachim Schütz

“... there is a subtle magic to these compositions...”
Tom Roberts, Dusted Magazine

A very special event involving Arnold Dreyblatt’s ecstatic sonic excursions. Centering around a live performance at Landmark, sounds from the concert will be dispersed throughout Bergen: vehicles and individuals moving through the city will stream the performance in real-time, simultaneously videoing their trips for live projection back into the performance space itself. This transmission and procession of sound & video further emphasises the emersive (immersive?)experience of Dreyblatt’s music.

What you see is basically what is said above. The video and audio came off fairly well. There is a bluish/purplish hue to the visuals which fit the music quite nicely, lending a dreamy flavour to the audio. So, welcome to 50 minutes plus of dream time!


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serviceton said...

Way excellent !
Dreyblatt I have loved since first hearing Propellers in Love - as well as that India Nav record that I cant remember the name of right now. I know next to nothing about Arnold personally or his Orchestra of Excited Strings - but their music always draws me in. In - further and further to the centre of the vortex.......
Many thanks

kinabalu said...

Yes, I will have to explore his discography. I've heard a little so far, but none of those you mentioned.

continuo said...

Thanks for this one. Interesting performance.