22 August 2017

Exiles - The Only Cure ( 1984)

Zelenka and Mills began their collaboration as part of the Human Art Ensemble.
Since 1979 they have been working as Exiles.
They seems to keep a low profile on the net, I found no many personal info , but they have -or partecipate to- a label :

Greg Mills - piano, melodica, prcussions, drums
Jay Zelenka - flute, alto sax, vibes, percussions, drums

A-1 Perihelion    
A-2 The Only Cure    
A-3 Burning Bridges Variations I And II    
A-4 Contours    
A-5 Cosmophaney    
A-6 Invocation    
A-7 Invitation    
B-1 Sanctuary    
B-2 Sonaire For The Dawn Of Time    
B-3 Jugalbandi

Esfoma Recordings - ER52
Cassette, 1984


corvimax said...


Dominic said...

Thank you very much. I'm always glad to discover new people in the musical universe.

francisco santos said...


Anonymous said...

I will buy all recordings they did. This is so amazing inconstantsol makes people aware these things exist, and then we all can buy the records. When the musicians get all the money from record sales during the next few weeks maybe they produce new records that can be uploaded here in 20 years. That again will boost sales and so on. Everybody wins!

correct silence said...

Thanks Corvimax for this treasure. I only knew James Marshall and Human Art Ensemble from this label. I spent one hour on the bandcamp page of Freedonia music where you can listen to all of the releases and here is my selection for the ones who still pay for music, so almost nobody:

sandor essedy said...

thanks, I only know "Stranded in paradise" (1989).

correct silence said...

Stranded In Paradise is offered for free to all customers who buy 2 titles from Freedonia Music