19 December 2010

Steve Grossman - Live at the Someday

cd rip, flac files

Mr. Sandman
Out of Nowhere
New York Bossa

Steve Grossman on saxophone

Makoto Terashita on piano

Yoshio Suzuki on bass

Masahiro Yoshida on drums



May 1987


SOTISE said...

pablo , i would love to hear this , unfortunately uploading to RS as an anonymous free user means that only 12 dl's are possible ... i find multi upload is a good option .. please consider

pablo said...

Files have been reposted through Multiupload. A minute into Impressions you can tell they came to play on this one.

SOTISE said...

thanks Pablo!

BlueNote97 said...

Thank you very much. It looks very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, both for the music and for the multiupload link. (I hate Rapidshare.)

wightdj said...

Never seen this before, thanks.

Art Simon said...

Thanks, an awesome post! Thanks so much!

Igor said...

Looking forward to hear this one.
Thanks Pablo.

Anonymous said...

could you please review the links, they're not working anymore. thanks!

beancarns said...

Could you please upload this again, the links are dead and I am dying to hear this.