15 December 2010

3 Vilayat Khan LP's,from the late 60's

Here are a few favourites( all out of print as far as i can tell ) by the great Bengali Sitar master Vilayat khan-(1928-2004), someone perhaps unjustly overshadowed in the west by better known more sophisticated peers such as Ravi Shankar , and Nikil Banjeree.
theres a real rawness , and risk taking edge to the playing that i find most congenial . trance and ecstatic euphoria , enjoyably punctuated by moments of ..chaos... which are rare in this music.
the playing goes a long way beyond mere melodic embroidery...

The Genius of Vilayat Khan- Ealp -1266-(1966)

A-1-Raga Ahir Bhairav

Vilayat Khan-Sitar
Mohammad Ahmad-Tabla

Music from India series- Vilayat Khan-EMI India lp,ASD 2460-(1969)

A- Raga Jaijaiwanti
B- Raga Rageshree

Vilayat Khan-Sitar
Shanta Prasad-Tabla

.....And best of all!

Vilayat Khan- Music of India HMV /world record Club/lp S/CE 3068

Vilayat Khan-Sitar
Imrat Khan-Surbahar, Sitar
Shanta Prasad-tabla

A-1- Raga Suha Surai
B-1- Raga Thumree Piloo

These were all originally posted (by me) , at SFRP's Classical Indian thread... Not too long ago...

Down sampled from 48 hz-24 BIT , to normal 16 bit Flacs ...
minimal processing used...


more info about V.Khan

A Wonderful , rare Jgalbandi lp with Bismillah Khan , can be found here


SOTISE said...


genius of vilayat khan

the music of india vilayat Khan

music from India-series- his masters voice-(india) ASD 2460 1969


gd said...

wow, thanks for these!

Gerald said...

Looks very interesting! Thanks!

Frédito said...

Sotise, you always find the right words, the eloquent images to present the music you share with us, as does our friend Onxidlib ; one can just feel the urge of listening. Merci !

archer said...

much gratitude, sotise!

Marcus said...

Smashing! Many thanks!!

Steven said...


First, thank you for the truly, beautiful music.

One question - the flac file of Raga Suha Sugrai is slightly larger than that of Thumree Piloo, but the music length is only 1'39" as compared to the music on side B which is 23'16"?

Is side A complete?

SOTISE said...

STEVEN ..the problem is on your End it seems your files are broken ( it happens occasionally) ..both sides are roughly the same length .. you need to re-Dl the rar ..

if you are on a mac .. the un rar app you ae using may not be functioning properly for some reason .

Steven said...

You were right, my bad.
Thank you again for this magnificent music.

upkerry14 said...

This is a fantastic post. Thank you. I often wonder how fans of improvisatory music say they don't like Indian music.

Andrew said...

Another thankyou here for posting this wonderful music.

Ashley Plath said...
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rliesky56 said...
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Thaddeus Milne said...

I would LOVE a re-up on this one, if possible! I listened to quite a bit of Indian classical music 25 or so years ago, but I don't have much access to good recordings anymore. I'd love to see how my perceptions of it have changed over the decades, and I trust the writers of the blog, without reservation, to share the best stuff!