12 December 2010


A meeting between traditional and modern musicians.
Hozan Yamamoto became famous in the world of Jazz through his collaboration with Tony Scott.
Together they recorded "Music for Zen Meditation". He has worked among others with Ravi Shankar, Gary Peacock and Karl Berger.


Hozan Yamamoto, shakuhachi
Masahiko Togashi, percussion
Yosuke Yamashita, piano

1. Breath Prologue (Togashi) 05:12
2. Joy (Yamamoto) 09:31
3. Bamboo Holyday (Yamamoto) 04:51
4. Eastern Ceremony (Togashi) 07:53
5. Encounter (Togashi - Yamashita) 09:24
6. Basic Flight (Yamashita) 05:32
7. Rainbow (Yamamoto) 08:17
8. Breath Epilogue (Togashi) 02:32

Recorded at Nippon Columbia Studios No.1, Tokyo on 13th April, 1984.

DENON PCM 38C38-7281


onxidlib said...


Help needed!
If someone could help me to confirm wether the following albums are OOP, I would be able to post them:

Masahiko Togashi - "We now create"
Itaru Oki - "Mirage" (1977)
Itaru Oki Trio (Bridge Rec.) 1970
Togashi/Yamashita Duo - "Kizashi"
Togashi/Lacy/Avenel - "Voices" 1988
Terumasa Hino - "Hogiuta" 1978
Takashi Kako - "Legend of the sea myself" 1977
Hideto Kanai - "Q" 1971
Togashi/Satoh - "Kairos" 1973
Motoharu Yoshizawa - "Inland Fish" & "Outfit"
Togashi/Lacy/Carter - "Spiritual Moments" 1981

IB said...

Here we are.
"We Now Create": in print through Bridge.
"Itaru Oki Trio": in print through Polystar Jazz Library.
"Kizashi": their best seller (you wouldn't believe the figure), reissued SHM-CD in 2009.
"Hogiuta": same, SHM-CD in 2009. Both through a MAJOR, watch out!
"Legend of the sea myself": PJL.
"Q": Sony Music!
"Kairos": PJL.
"Spiritual Moments": PJL.
"Mirage": PJL.
Motoharu Yoshizawa is owned by PSF records.
Bad picks, Onx, I'm sorry. Drop me an e-mail via my website, OK?

Anonymous said...

I've searched these albums for years, I would be so grateful to see them posted in lossless!
Do you have also


Thank you!

Frédito said...

I've been wanting to hear this record, shakuhachi en général and Yamashita being two personal favorites of mine. Curious to listen !
Once again Vielen dank Onxidlib. It's like Christmas everyday here.

onxidlib said...

Thank you IB for your help! It seems from my list only "Voices" remains to be posted.

It's my pleasure, Frédito.

@ Anonymous - I do not have TAKEHITO HONDA - SALAAM SALAAM - in fact I've never heard about this musician.

onxidlib said...

To Frédito and everyone who likes the sound of shakuhachi.
There is a new CD on the label "Another Timbre" with marvelous shakuhachi music.
The player is Yoshikazu Iwamoto who plays compositions by Frank Denyer (composer extraordinaire).It is available for 11 GBP directly > http://www.anothertimbre.com/denyershakuhachi.html.

Yoshikazu Iwamoto is also to be heard on a recording with Eddie Prévost and John Tilbury.
Recommended > http://matchlessrecordings.com/such-issue-hand

Frédito said...

Onxidlib, merci for your recommendations. One is ordered and the other is bookmarked.
I believe that the first shakuhachi record I heard was one of Iwamoto san.

glmlr said...

Aldus/ Onx: I have the "Salaam Salaam" album by Takehiro Honda piano with Juni Booth on bass and Eric Gravatt on drums, recorded Tokyo 16 June 1974, on East Wind 8005. It's a corker. I'll try and get it up here via Sotise ... in teh New Year ...

onxidlib said...

That would be great.
Already one reason to look forward to 2011.
In joyful esperance...

Anonymous said...


matt w said...

Thanks for the post; lovely stuff.

Frédito said...

Breath is a lovely album. Merci Onxidlib !

Anonymous said...

that'll be great to hear this one, please repost!


bventure said...

Seconded - a repost would be very much appreciated.

sikes said...

Hi onxidlib, any chance this could be re-upped, thanks

DW said...

Ditto on a re-up. Even Gameshare :)

onxidlib said...


DW said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!