11 December 2010


This is the earliest recording with Sten Sandell.
At least the first side sounds more like "Industrial" than Free Jazz/Improvisation.
Dror Feiler - the "leader" of this group is also a well known contemporary composer.
His compositions are mostly harsh and noisy and beautiful.
At least once a group of contemporary musicians refused to play a composition - which was announced only very shortly before the concert. They said that his music were too loud, although the same musicians rehearsed the piece before...
Does nowadays scandals come rather from the musicians than from the public?

Hear for yourself.


Tommy Björk,dr
Dror Feiler,sops,as,cl,bassett-horn,cbcl,synth
Sören Runolf,vc
Sten Sandell,p

1. Ovation 06:17
2. Fragment 01:10
3. Vakuum 04:36
4. Bön 07:05
5. Siciliansk öppning 03:26
6. Konstruktion 08:01
7. Axiom 03:51
8. Homage 05:05

Recorded at Fasching and Modern Museum,Stockholm, August 1979.


(Flac and cover - link in comment)


onxidlib said...
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intempestif said...

Great band! I really like their early stuff.
The incident you mention must be the one described on Feiler's wikipedia page. As for scandals, i think they are really the thing of the past.
Thanks a lot for all the wonderful music!

onxidlib said...

I really only thought about a concert were the piece "Halat Hisar" was not played by members of the Bavarian Symphonic Orchestra. A slip of paper was handed to the concertgoers which complained about the intense dynamics of the piece.
One "fellow" composer even "advised" Dror Feiler to rewrite the composition.
This happened on 4th April, 2008 at the Herkulessaal - during the 16th "music viva" Festival - in Munich.

gut said...

here's the first LK-lp,


onxidlib said...

@ Intempestif,

it was ment ironically.
I agree with you that scandals in art belong to the past.

SOTISE said...

just listened to this several times , what a monster session, marvelous thank you !!

Anonymous said...

Ja, sannsynligvis sa det er

basis said...

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kinabalu said...
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basis said...

thank you sooo much for the reupload!

DW said...

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tpfkaa said...

Thanks onxidlib.

Solomon said...

Thank you.