8 December 2010


More Masahiko Togashi - here with a Big Band plus Masahiko Satoh and Sabu Toyozumi.
No Swing - off course? - instead spacious and sinewy soundscapes...


Masahiko Sato,p
Masahiko Togashi,dr,perc

Toshiyuki Miyama,conductor & NEW HERD ORCHESTRA

Koji Hatori, Bunji Murata, Kenichi Sano, Kunio Fujisaki,tp
Teruhiko Kataoka, Masamichi Uetaka, Seiichi Tokura,tb
Takeshi Aoki,btb
Hiroshi Takami, Shinji Nakayama,as,fl
Kosuke Ichihara, Shoji Maeda,ts,fl
Shunzo Sunahara,bs,bcl
Yoshinobu Imashiro,p
Kozaburo Yamaki,g
Goro Yamamoto,b
Yoshisaburo Toyozumi,dr

1. Canto I (TOGASHI) 02:01
2. Canto II (TOGASHI) 04:03
3. Canto III (TOGASHI) 09:08
4. Canto IV (TOGASHI) 03:16
5. Canto V (TOGASHI) 13:40

Recorded on January 22, 27, 1971 in Tokyo

Columbia NCB-7012 (LP first edition)


onxidlib said...
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wightdj said...

A real treat, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks amazing sound!!!!ALAN

SOTISE said...

thank you so much ... this is wonderful .. i've heard some of the other New Herd lps which are floating around as mp3's.. but not this , its spectacular... you can really hear a Gagaku , influence.

onxidlib said...

Gagaku - it never came to my mind.
While re-hearing it I'm understanding what you mean.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best avant-jazz releases EVER. Not just one of the best Japanese sessions, not just one of the best 70s, one of the greatest of all time. If anyone wants the companion "Canto Of Libra" LP by New Herd (almost as good), it is available here - http://elreza.blogspot.com/2010/10/toshiyuki-miyama-new-herd-canto-of.html

Anthony Dolphin said...

What a sprawling giantess of a record! Many, many thanks for sharing. Had the pleasure of seeing Togashi playing live in Tokyo on a number of occasions and I will have to live many lifetimes to see a musician quite as intently indivisible from his music as he played. Great to hear the equally brilliant (but very different) free jazz drummer Sabu Toyozumi here too. Here's an extraordinary clip of him in full flight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vjRwrfVM78

Anonymous said...

Re-up please! (also for the rest of the non-rapidshare togashi links!)

onxidlib said...
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gilhodges said...

Oh yes! Thanks so much for the reup. I missed this first time around. Much appreciated!

asako said...

Hi there I'm Japanese. Masahiko Togashi album is a condition difficult to obtain so many out of print in Japan. Foreign to the listener great music Togashi is presented, I'm glad. Thank you.

onxidlib said...


hideo said...

a dozen arigatos for this, onx!