26 December 2010

Michel Magne-L'interdit, Delectation suave pour une mor Heureuse-1977 ( l'expression, Strassbourg LP)

A lovely and rather rare lp by French Composer Michel Magne .... best known for his film scores ,including most infamously the soundtrack to "Barbarella"

picked up years ago in a junk shop , including a signed score printed on heavy cotton rag.
Magne was a friend and Collaborator of French Neo-Dadaist Yves Klein and also Collaborated with jazz musicians , did some arranging for pop bands , as well as composing purely electronic pieces.

From the 40's onwards he was evolving a concept of so called visual music, on paper quite similar in many respects to the bahaus visual-aural synthesis of a Klee or a Kandinsky except with sound as the prime element.

A cursory google search.. reweals that quite a bit of his film and pop orientated work is up on blogs ..
including a particularly engaging collaboration with jazz pianist Martial Solal, at OIR.

A dreamlike music which builds slowly from small cells that appear to float as if suspended in time , odd intervals , Microtones .. and Glissandi Galore ..
unusual instrumentation ...  Also..texturally reminiscent of Claude debussy's late chamber music,

Marie-Claude Vallin soprano
Janine Kieffer-violin
Detlef Kieffer-Cymbalom

A-L'interdit (the forbidden, my trans)
B-Delectation suave pour une mor Heureuse.. ( Suave anticipation of an early death-my trans)

AThe notes refer to these performers as having a record out of work by Haubenstock -ramati, as well as a recording of Schoenberg's pierrot lunaire.

Magne @ Myspace


SOTISE said...

Flac& Pics

onxidlib said...

Thank you for his marvellous music.
I got it already from "skafunkrastapunk" - and listened today again to the sounds of this real discovery.

Frédito said...

Merci Sotise, I'm quite curious on this record. I have never heard any of Michel Magne musics, at least consciously(I saw Barbarella many years ago).
As Onxidlib did, I already took your generous share at SFRP. I guess it's time to listen now !

For the title of side B, my english translation would be "Suave relish for a happy death"*

* as if taking a delicious yet poisoned food ? ! Well, I guess one might find my translation too literal, and yours more creative ;)

SOTISE said...

oui merci Freddie , ONX... I LOVE THIS RECORD ...
eh freddie , Arab Woman Blues = Double OUF, OUFFF

Frédito said...

Currently falling under the spell of Marie-Claude Vallin and her acolytes ; highly délectable.
Merci Sotise