25 December 2010

Sabir Mateen & Libera Duo + Stefano Ferrian - Live in Novara '10

Unfortunately only an excerpt from a concert that will be integrally
published the next year.
Remarkable the harmony between Mateen and the three Italian
musicians, at their first meeting.

Rec. live at "Trattoria San Marco", Novara, Italy, on May 27, 2010
(radio broadcast)

Sabir Mateen,clarinet & tenor sax
Libera Duo :
Andrea Quattrini,drums
Luca Pissavini,bass
Stefano Ferrian,tenor sax

1. Extract (36:22)


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mp3 (82 MB)

flac (222 MB) : part1 part2

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Excellent. Thank you!