16 December 2010

BOMBAY SISTERS "OOTHUKADU - Venkata Subbier's Songs on Lord Krishna"

This cassette is the only souvenir which I have from my trip to Singapur. I bought it while visiting a tiny music shop in the indian quarter.
I stepped into the shop and immediately heard this music from a pair of somewhat beaten-up speakers.
It was a small epiphany - two indian ladies in saris were in the shop together with the owner and the music struck me like a thunderbolt...
I bought the tape and have heard it the following years at least 250 times. Nowadays I return occasionally to it.

The tape is a rip from an older lp - made from the shop-owner himself.
There is a drop-out for the second half of track 6. And the recording level is a bit overdriven but for me it fits - heavy grooving percussion, strings and these two enchanting voices in unison.
This is a kind of devotion I can approve.

The Bombay Sisters are part of the trend of duo singing in Carnatic music, which started in the 1950s, with performers like Radha Jayalakshmi, and Soolamangalam Sisters, they have been singing since 1963 when they started with light classical music, subsequently progressing to classical music; they sing in multiple languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi and Marathi. They are also known for promoting young musicians through endowments and scholarships.
More information > http://bombaysisters.com/

BOMBAY SISTERS "OOTHUKADU - Venkata Subbier's Songs on Lord Krishna"

C. Saroja and C. Lalitha, vocals

(other musicians not named on the tape's cover)

01. Thaye yasode 07:07
02. Asainthadum Mayil 05:21
03. Aad aadhu Asangathu 04:09
04. Vanthathuvum Ponathuvum 03:25
05. Paal Vadiyium Mugham 04:35
06. Maninoopura Dhari 06:17
07. Kuzhaloothi manamellam 05:12
08. Enna Punniyam 05:44
09. Parvai Onru Podume 03:44
10. Pullai Piravi 05:11
11. Madhananga Mohana 03:25
12. Alaipayuthe 07:54

(no recording location or date on the cover - I purchased the tape in May 1993)

For Sotise


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SOTISE said...

looks great Thank you!!

intempestif said...

This is the most fascinating music I've heard in a while! India must be one of the most amazing places musically. The types of Indian music known in the West are mostly Northern & Southern Classical musics, Indian film music and maybe some religious musics. But there must be hundreds of religious movements in India. And probably thousands of various traditional / folk musics all over India. Culturally it must be one of the richest places on Earth. I recently re-watched Louis Malle's documentary series on India called "Phantom India" (plus a separate longer episode called "Calcutta"). It's mind-boggling!
Thanks again Onxidlib!

Gerald said...

Fantastic! Thanks. And thanks for making everything so easy to download too. Jerry