16 December 2010


Here is a trio from Japan...

Akira Sakata, alto clarinet, alto saxophone, vocals
Hiroshi Yoshino, bass
Nobuo Fujii, drums

1. Right Frankenstein in Saigne-Legier 13:45
2. Strange Island 07:49
3. Comme A La Radio 11:02
4. Inanaki,2nd 09:48

Recorded: "Live" at the Vielharmonie, Munich on 11th June, 1981.

ENJA 4002 (vinyl rip)


onxidlib said...
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Frédito said...

Merci Onxidlib.
It's good and groovy, dancing indeed. I don't know what Akira Sakata talks about on the first track, but it's fun.

SOTISE said...

yes , wonderful record ,infectious!
thank you

Anonymous said...

I hope there's a possibility to find a new link for it :)


eyecycles said...

I also would love to see a new link for this, looks fantastic. Thanks!
- Jeff

Ted said...

Any chance for re-up? Would love to hear this.

onxidlib said...


-Otto- said...

Thank you for the re-up, onxidlib!

Hookfinger said...

Missed this the first time around. Many thanks for another chance.

Anonymous said...

great stuff! hey is that Tom Waits sings Japanese at the second part of A1?))
thanks much, onxidlib!


onxidlib said...

Hi Igor,

it's Akira Sakata himself.

He has recently recorded a CD where he recites the Heike > here

He needs such a voice for this Japanese epos - that's were his voice's coming from ;-)

Anonymous said...

hahah, of course i had no doubt that the voice belongs to Sakata himself, as for Japanese epos - that's an interesting detail, i really have to learn more about using it in music! thanks!