17 November 2007

Elvin Jones/Jimmy Garrison Sextet - Illumination (1963)

If you'd bought this LP when it was released, you'd be a bit pissed-off when you got it home and found out that it contains only about 30 minutes music and that it didn't represent value for money. If you'd hung on to it though, your patience would have been rewarded, as good copies now go for about 150 USD.

Sadly this is not my vinyl rip. It came from "Orgy In Rhythm" blog I think quite a while ago (my thanks to them). Following the interest of my recent Jones post, "Live At The Lighthouse", I thought there may be interest in this, which I think may be Elvin's first recording as leader.

Though, perhaps lacking the exitement of his later recording, Elvin is pretty solid throughout, but the main reason why fans should download this is for the terrific line-up:-

Elvin Jones: drums
Jimmy Garrison: bass
McCoy Tyner: piano
Charles Davis: baritone saxophone
Prince Lasha: clarinet & flute
Sonny Simmons: horn & alto saxophone

As far as I know this was the only occasion on which Simmons and Lasha recorded with Elvin.
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The vinyl has been ripped at a modest 160 kbps. If anyone has a copy at higher bitrate thay would be prepared to post, then I for one would be very grateful.


Boromir said...



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one !

centrifuge said...

nice one b :)

i have often wondered about this but have never heard it...

bacoso said...

will rip it again @320 some time soon-if you did use my original rip i'm pretty sure its 192.BTW the vinyl is a first pressing picked up in a store in miami for 10 bucks about 5 years ago-tidy cover too.bargain or what?

Boromir said...

Thanks for the offer of rerip bacuso. You sure got a bargain there. Hang on to it and pass it down to the kids.

Peter said...

woooo! Brilliant lineup! If lowish BR. Thanks vm!!!

redrichie said...

Ace! Enjoying this and the other Elvin Jones posted on the blog.

And the toilet story, too!



2bad said...

no password
FLAC with complete scans.
So nice of Melanchthon to keep his files up for us after his blog disappeared. Often they can still be found using
even when FilesTube can no longer find them.
God, he had the best blog ever! The only thing he did wrong was to use Rapidshit and Blogger. May we all learn from his mistakes.
Thank you, Mel!