14 November 2007

Burton Greene - Aquariana

Since there is a recent Burton Greene posting on this blog, I thought I'd recycle one of my old postings for the C#9 blog. This one did not make it to the front page, so it's quite possible it might have passed unnoticed by many.

Not one of the more significant releases in the Byg Actuel series in my view. I haven't quite made up my mind about this one. Very free-wheeling and blow-outish as was the style at the time. I believe I've read somewhere that Greene disowns his earliest recordings. Be that as it may, but here it is for others to have the opportunity to make up their minds about it.


1. Aquarius Suite
2. Out of Bartok
3. Two One-Two Vibrations

Full line-up for each track can be found in the attached scans of front, back and inner covers.

Recorded in June 1969 in the Saravah Studios, Paris.


kinabalu said...

Available from here:


sotise said...

thanks kinabalu
a couple of great albums, especially this ive always felt it was one of byg's heavyweight records.
greene deserves better than he usually recieves from the jazz press.
recycle away!

Brent said...

I requested this over at C#9 so I thought I'd throw another thanks out there.

I'm likewise undecided on this one. I wish Coursil was featured more often (although it's always great to hear Arthur Jones in one of his very few appearances).

Brent said...

Oh, and speaking of C#9:

I posted something that ended up stuck in the comment section. (Those threads were always pretty rich, though, weren't they?) I have a rip of the Bailey/Bennink ICP 004 (purchased from a dubious vendor) I'd be happy to re-post here. I'm not necessarily interested in administration privileges, but I could contribute the link anyhow.

sotise said...

brent sure
shall i send you a formal invitation through blogger?
i need the email address you signed up to your blogger account with.

i grabbed that rip, its a great album, and apparently the original tapes to most of the early icp stuff, have been lost.

its such a good album , in fact that id like to ask you to consider re ripping it to 320kbs,
i personally feel that if your going to repost it ,you should do so at a higher bit rate.
a lot of people would have grabbed your original 160 rip already.

160 is better than nothing, but it doesnt quite do the music justice.
besides a 320 rip would circulate more widely.
if you want to do this heres my contact address

wildgrebe said...



if you want it flacced let me know enjoy

bozo the clown said...

One of my top faves of all-time. Some idiots don't like this, that's their opinion- don't be fooled again. Demand that this be reissued properly. Beb was an awesome bass player, Burton sounds wonderful, one of the great piano interior explorations ever, the horn guys play beautifully -a CLASSIC BYG if there ever was one!
And Braxton rumbling away is icing on the cake! Run to Best Buys and demand they sell it to you!

Bozo the Actuel Clown said...

of course, Braxton rumbles away on Coursils' Black Suite album! Sorry for that brain freeze. These are both awesome classics! Bozo has a very soft, emotional spot in his heart for Aquariana! Ever notice how the official BYG reissues always stop before doing these two?, and killer stuff like Jimmy the Great Lyons' Other Afternoons? Startin' to give up hope-keep hope alive!

Nick said...

Here is Burton Greene's comment (posted in Contributions)

"Hello Inconstant Sol editor,
I just browsed my record listings and comments on your site and I was surprised to see that someone falsely said in a few places that I disown my early recordings and that they are a lot of "claptrap", etc. This is a lot of BS! I've never disliked anything I've done that has been commercially released until now and that includes a discography of over 70 records and CD's..! Whoever told you that I don't like my early recordings and especially the ESP, Columbia, BYG, Fore, and Hat Hut recordings, etc. doesn't know what the hell they're talking about!"
Regards, Burton Greene

James Manion said...
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