11 November 2007

the dead C- language recordings volumes 1 and 2 (2000) ogg

Away from jazz based modes of improvisation for just an instant..

Heres an epic slab of prime narco fueled free post industrial improvised nowave neo psych madness.
This ones been out of circulation for a while ,and those familiar with dead c’s post siltbreeze releases on the bada bing, and starlight furniture labels

may need some priming in preparation for the unpleasant frisson generated by a post apocalyptic headfuck,.
Dead c developed in bored reaction to the morbund state of flying nun style orthodox new Zealand style guitar jangle pop.
Take the best improvised bits out of early sonic youth, remove the mostly boring lyrics, the pop hooks too then cross that with xenakis pieces kraanerg and persepolis, and you get an idea of the density of the sonic territory.
That doesn’t quite prepare you for the primal rhythmic, grunt punctuated by shimmer cymbal
Accents worthy of…
Its ironic that one of their best releases should be so inaccessible, 2nd hand copies of this are fetching quite some bucks on ebay.

Dead C- language recordings vols 1 and 2
Dec, pussyfooting
Speederbat, all channels open

One night
Realisation con slider
Fake electronics, tuba is funny (slight return)
Drill bit, high original, tidewater

Recorded between the 12th dec 1995 and the 22nd of august 1999


sotise said...

dead c
language recordings vol 1 and 2

automating said...

hello, sorry to be so teknikal but: HOW TO MAKE IT TO ITUNES PLEASE??????????? is it impossible + look somewere else OR is there smthing i ddn'n get before????? please HELP THANKS Jerome

Ochyming said...


Anonymous said...

Ogg Vorbis format recordings will never work in iTunes because Apple suck. You might want to contact Apple and ask them to put Ogg Vorbis into iTunes, but expect nothing. Use VLC, it plays everything.

Lee said...

can someone re-up these links please. and thank you...

Lee said...

good good. very good!

donsolo said...

Do you happen to have New Electric Music by The Dead C. It is fucking impossible to find!!!

Lee said...

re: "...impossible to find"

the links work.

Steven said...

You can convert ogg files to mp3 on a mac with software called "switch"
It's freeware too and works fine for me.

Anonymous said...

Can someone reup these files now that Rapidshare is no more