9 November 2007

david murray solo saxophone VOL'S 1and2, FLAC AND LAME

Continuing on with the series of early david murray recordings.
Here is murrays biggest challenge up to that point, 2 lps of solo saxophone made for cecma(another great Italian label).
For me this is the crest of a peak which includes sweet and lovely and interboogieology, and culminates with the great early octet recordings ming and home.

These 2 solo lp’s have been out of circulation since being released together on a now out of print cd in 1990.

I had only ever heard(through a friend) vol -2 which includes a great version of body and soul.
Vol 1 features 2 of murrays best early compositions in intense and very vivid versions ‘sweet and lovely’ and ‘flowers for albert’.

Murray David - "Solo - Live - Volume 1"
Cecma 1001 LP

Rec. 30 May 1980 - live in Nyon, Switzerland

Murray David, tenor, bass-clarinet.

(1) (A1) Both feet on the ground(2) (A2) B. C. (3) (B1) Rag Tag(4) (B2) Sweet Lovely(5) (B3) Flowers For Albert

Murray David - "Solo - Volume 2"
Cecma 1002 LP
CD Tracks 6,7,8 or Side A of this LP, recorded NYC August 1980.
CD tracks 9, 10 or Side B of this LP recorded 30.5.1980
live in Nyon, Switzerland, as per LP vol. one above.

Murray David, tenor.

(6) (A1) Body and soul(7) (A2) We see(8) (A3) untitled(9) (B1) Solo # 1(10) (B2) Solo # 2

both of the albums are included in one split archive (though in separate folders)
in both vbr and flac

many thanks to glmlr – for the original rip from clean vinyl, and for the opportunity to finally hear vol 1 , and have a hard copy of both these marvelous records!


sotise said...

Links david murray solo saxophone vol’s 1 and 2


vbr 220-320

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This is sensational - thanks! A worthy companion to Braxton's solo outings.

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God, this is seriously damaging. Thanks and thanks again

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I made an attempt at a CD slimcase cover, find it here:


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