19 October 2007

Charles Lloyd Quartet - Live Karlsruhe, Germany 1994 (FM recording)

I've heard it said that Charles Lloyd's later recordings on ECM lack the excitement and creativity of his earlier work. This certainly can't be said of this recording, a live concert in Germany 1994. This is an FM recording, so sound quality is excellent. Many thanks to "billjen" for seeding.


Charles Lloyd
6/14/94Karlsruhe, Germany

Charles Lloyd - Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Chinese Oboe
Bobo Stenson - Piano
Anders Jormin - Double-Bass
Jon Christensen - Drums

1. Milarepa (Lloyd)/Improvisation (Group) 15:26
2. Piercing the Veil (Lloyd) 9:01
3. Evanstide, Where Lotus Bloom (Lloyd) 13:45#4. Thelonious Theonlyus (Lloyd) 13:23 * 5. All My Relations (Lloyd) 11:49
6. Fish Out of Water (Lloyd) 16:23

Recording at mp3 quality 0. Link in coments


Boromir said...



alberto said...

Thanks for all these amazing records you`re posting here, you`re doing a great work.
Also, thanks for visiting me and leaving me your impressions, most people just click and go, so I apreciate that.

adios amigo.

alberto said...

i`ll be visiting you as often as i can

hideo said...

I think his more recent ECMs are very prety, they're just not as raw as some of his older goodies

listening to this now and it is very fine--Boromir, these live sets that you're sticking up are much appreciated

jeff said...

New visitor to your site. I found you through the links in Nothing Is. Looks like you have some really great music here - I can't wait to dive into it. this Lloyd post looks outstanding - I'm a big fan of his new work, darker and more challenging than the earlier stuff in my opinion. But i couldn't get the part 2 link to work. Downloads, but there is nothing there. any help? Part 1 worked fine. Thanks,

wildgrebe said...

many thanks..great show and yes the sound is superb...ps..i had no trouble with part 2... cheers

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this! I like Lloyd's earlier work a great deal (I've worn out a LOT of that vinyl), but I don't think his later things are any less creative or less exciting--they just reach for a different place.