23 October 2007

Max Roach Quartet - Live Berlin 1990

This is one of two concerts seeded by "joerg" - many thanks to him. It is a satellite broadcast, performed by Roach's long-standing quartet.


Max Roach, dr, voc
Cecil Bridgewater, tp
Odeon Pope, ts
Tyron Brown, b

Philharmonie, JazzFest Berlin/Germany, 3rd November 1990

The Smoke That Thunders 03:45
Elixir Suite 05:36
Tricotism 03:37
Cherokee 06:45
In A Sentimental Mood 08:40
I Want To Talk About You 05:33
South Africa Goddamm - Blues March 08:24
It's Time - Mr.Hihat 07:29

Max (and all performers) is in fine form, though for me, the highlight of the concert is the rendition of "In a Sentimental Mood", which has some great horn-playing and a superb solo bass section, with Roach playing in a very sensitive and controlled manner.

Concert is recorded at VBR quality 0. Links in comments.


Boromir said...



genezyp said...

That's a pleasant surprise, I already got used to thinking your site will always delve in either straight-off avant-garde or bands that I personally don't enjoy that much :) But this is a band that I've only heard of, never heard them play; thanks for this.

Anonymous said...


free free music

Boromir said...


Glad you find this posting to your tastes. Both sotise and myself have broad tastes in jazz, from bebop to free. We, obviously post music that we personally like, but hope that you like some of it also. If you look back through the past posts, you will see a fairly broad cross section of all genres. Also, if visitors to the site would give us more indication as to whether they like or dislike a particular posting, then we could be more responsive to your tastes, but sadly, the level of feedback we get is pitiful.

jeff said...

just to comment on your comment about the lack of comments, I only recently found this site but your selection of music looks tremendous. I haven't had much chance to hear it yet, but this Max date, the charles Lloyd, Andrew Hill, Drew Gress, David Murray, AEC, BoB . . . damn, it's a blessing of posts. Thank you.

Boromir said...

Thanks Jeff, it's nice to be appreciated.

Arcturus said...

Max Max Max

thanks for this

I was horribly disappointed when we heard that Billy Harper had left the group, but trudged up to keystone nonetheless - Odean blew me away, tho I'm still partial to Billy

very very much looking fwd to hearing this concert

Neroon001 said...

can't get enough of Max Roach I have been trying to find the records he did with Anthony Braxton @ Cecil Taylor does anyone know if they are still in print and what record label they might be on ? I have found a record dealer who will order them for me if I can give him some more info (he usally deals in rock records)thanks again for posting this

Anonymous said...

Like the site...I'll have to check out some of the more obscure stuff, which I've been getting into thanks to these blogs. I like to see all the out-there stuff I've had an interest in but could never find anywhere. Thanks.

daniel said...

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