26 September 2010


Here are the complete (almost) recordings of FOURMENONLY .
After the bassist left the the MODERN JAZZ QUINTET KARLSRUHE they continued as a quartet. On ESFS they added the trombone player Wolfgang Czelusta but still under their chosen name.
The following words are from G.F. (thank you!) a fellow at Dime:"The last concert with Fourmenonly (with bass-player Johannes Schädlich with Wilfried Eichhorn, Helmut Zimmer and Rudi Theilmanm) happened in the early 80s in Karlsruhe - without Herbert Joos, who had left Karlsruhe and the others. Wilfried Eichhorn continued playing with the Frederic Rabold Crew in the late 70s (vocalist Lauren Newton started here!), and he played mostly in a Duo with pianist Uli Bühl in the 90s. Helmut Zimmer played mostly Bop Standards afterwards and occasionally still plays that kind of stuff. Rudi Theilmann is still active, playing mostly in Duo with violinist Helmut Bieler-Wendt. He participated since 1985 in another great free-improvising group, Dinkel-Frisch-Theilmann&Bieler-Wendt, they recorded two albums in the late 80s."

Herbert Joos himself worked in his own groups and ad hoc ensembles.
Participated at a Free Jazz Meeting Baden-Baden. 1973 he made his first solo recording "The Philosophy Of The Fluegelhorn" on JAPO(ECM). On this lp he also uses multitracking to astounding effects. The music there is maybe "more" beautiful in a conventional manner. But never "sweet" - instead he shows a strong developed sense for harmonics and "Klangfarbe".
Later he joined the Vienna Art Orchestra. Still active as a pro and going strong.
I only want to add that the last track on "Vol.1" is one of my favourite pieces from this four astounding lps.

Please! Please someone reissue them!


Herbert Joos,flh,perc
Wilfried Eichhorn,ts,ss,bcl
Helmuth Zimmer,p,perc
Rudi Theilmann,dr,perc

1. viridiana 09:44
2. ich und meine brüder 03:08
3. compulsion 04:38
4. count down 09:03
5. excess 07:48

Recorded at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, Germany, May 1972

Edition W.Wacker EWW 0250



Wilfried Eichhorn,bcl,fl,ob
Wolfgang Czelusta,tb
Herbert Joos,flh,tp,mel,perc
Helmuth Zimmer,p
Rudi Theilmann,perc

Side A: (18:21)
1. departures
2. plastic happines
3. beautiful darkness
4. space wall

Side B: (20:26)
5. dead season
6. the beauty without a face
7. lucifer is marching in
8. return ?

Recorded at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg,Germany in December 1973

FMO 002


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onxidlib said...
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mike said...

l just want to thank you, onxidlib, for the recent spate of great albums: The Modern Jazz Quintet Karlsruhe; the Dieter Scherf records; and now the Fourmenonly albums. What great stuff!

It has been a long time since I downloaded something from this blog (great as it is).

Keep the rare, German free jazz coming!

piromas said...

Ditto to mike. Thanks!

dripdrip said...


I have just found this blog searching for the info on Fourmenonly and I am totally amazed at the quality (and rarity) of music that you share here. fantastic work - thanks to all involved! I have had the "8 Science Fiction Stories" album for a long time, but never could find the first LP - and here it is! amazing!

one question - don't you probably have the AK MUSICK album? I think it was a short-lived German free jazz band with some personal ties to Fourmenonly and Modern Jazz Quintet Karlsruhe. their only LP is another album I've been searching for a very long time - so please let me know if you probably have it in your collection. I'd appreciate a share on the blog, but I can also buy an original LP if that's the only possibility.

thanks again and best of luck with your excellent blog.

onxidlib said...

Interesting request - unfortunately I don't have AK MUSICK.
The line-up was as follows:
Hans Kumpf,cl / Winifred Koch,fl / Helmut Grats,p / Alfred Lell,vc / Angela Weber,voc
The LP was recorded on 14th November, 1972 in Ludwigsburg, Germany.
The titels:
1.Hava - 2.Schace - 3.Impro-vission / 4.My ape & my monkey / 5. Rondo / 6.Baz.(AKM 001)

There were at least six LPs on the AKM label.
The second was a duo with Perry Robinson ("Free Blacks", 1975/76) and the third a quartet with three clarinetists, Hans Kumpf, Bernd Konrad and Theo Jörgensmann and a bassist, Thomas Schütte ("In Time", 1976).
Although AKM 004 unto AKM 006 were collaborations with other labels - including musicians as Anatoly Vapirov, Sergey Kuryokhin, Vyacheslav Ganelin, Vladimir Tarasov and John Fischer among others.

There is a slim chance that I know someone who has some of these LPs...

In the meantime maybe I can delight you with the "Total Music Association - Walpurgisnacht".(Eichhorn, Zimmer, Theilmann, Boje a.o.)
I got the LP some time ago and I'll post it during the next few weeks.

Thanks for your appreciation.

dripdrip said...

Hi onxidlib,

Thanks for your reply! Let me know if you ever get the Ak Musick LP (or at least a vinyl rip) as it was the one that I've been trying to find for many years. Thanks for the info on the AKM label too - very interesting! I was not aware that many great musicians from my own homeland (such as Kuryokhin, Vapirov or Ganelin) were connected to this obscure German label.

I already have the Total Music Association album - a great one, and highly unusual too. I'm sure that other readers of this blog will be happy to hear it.

onxidlib said...

Hi dripdip,

as far as I know Hans Kumpf has a strong leaning to the eastern part of Europe - especially with russian musicians.

For example:

# "Jam Session Leningrad", feat. Anatoly Vapirov, Sergey Kuryokhin, Alexander Alexandrov (FUSION 8004, AKM 004)
# "Jam Session Moscow", feat. John Fischer, Leonid Chizhik, Alexey Zubov (FUSION 8005, RE 005, AKM 005)
# "On A Baltic Trip", feat. Vyacheslav Ganelin, Vladimir Tarasov, Ivars Galenieks, Lembit Saarsalu, Rejn Rannap (Leo Records 122, AKM 006)

Sadly I have neither of these LPs...should I get a LP or a rip from this label I'll post it.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Can'tu put these Hans Kumpf's vinyl LP, especially the "Jam Session, Moscow," which I have long been looking for.

onxidlib said...

I do NOT have any of the above mentioned LPs! Nor do I know anyone who might have it...

Anonymous said...

Please re-up both! :'(

onxidlib said...

Both links are working!!
But Rapidshare has a 50 GB cap - try it again tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

re up? thanks very much

onxidlib said...

I'll re up it during the next days.

onxidlib said...
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Solomon said...

Thank you.

Javier Roz said...

Thanks for the re-up, new to me.

DW said...

onxidlib, the weekend of the Red Moon witnessed a cornucopia of offerings on this site. Thank you, thank you!!

rm said...

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

AK MUSICK - reissue in Spain. You can have CDs and LPs of the 1972 recordings from the label Mental Experience. It's sold worldwide.
Hans Kumpf, Germany