22 September 2010


Here is my first contribution to my favourite blog.
Thank you kinabalu and sotise for the invitation.

I wanted to share this LP from the MJQK'HE already for a long time. For me this recording exemplifies the "lost" or better the almost forgotten part of the Free Jazz continuum.

Sadly no reissue is due - at least to my knowledge.
Only one track from "Trees" was reissued on a compilation about german Free Jazz last year.But it is
deleted as well.

I don't want to make more words for the moment. (I post this with 38° celsius fever)
Download and listen. If there is interest I will share more from this group.
If someone wants more information about this group - I will provide you with what I know about this group/musicians.
Sorry for the small picture - it is scanned from a selfmade CD booklet. Also I'm really not an expert in Photoshop et.al.
Please remember it's my "first" - I hope everything will work!

Helmuth Zimmer, piano
Herbert Joos, fluegelhorn, mellophone, piston, percussion
Wilfried Eichhorn, tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
Claus Bühler, bass
Rudi Theilmann, drums

1. Trees (Joos) 08:40
2. Schnee verbrennt (Eichhorn) 03:05
3. Lonely Time (Joos) 12:39
4. The Devil is green, blue, yellow (Joos) 09:28
5. Change of Beauty (Joos) 11:14

Recorded at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, Germany, 1968.

excenter SM 21003


Anonymous said...


You can also find it here


Someone has "Unlonely raindancer" and "Mujician III, august air" by the marvellous keith tippett?


Anonymous said...

And finally I'm looking this

Free Jazz Group Wiesbaden "Frictions"
,from the same period and mood...

someone could help me?

Thank You Riccardo

onxidlib said...

I checked it at mediafire - it is in mp3.
"Frictions" is in my list for inconstantsol.

Dr. Fu Man Chu said...

Hi there,
the mediafire file contains a very good cover image. I know it, I'm the original uploader. ;-) You may use it for your blog if you want to.



onxidlib said...

Dear Paul,
very kind!Thank you!
Also for the inlay in your files.

kinabalu said...

Excellent first post! Welcome!

ushaped said...

thank you very much! i was completely unfamiliar with this group. more information please! if there is more to hear, more of that too!

all the best,

onxidlib said...

During the next two days I'll post the second lp from MJQK'HE.
Background for this will be added.

Dr. Fu Man Chu said...

by the way: I run a small blog, which was mainly intended to provide a few friends with my very own compilations (all sorts of music), but there may be a few records (especially the "Balver Höhle" Box), which could be of interest to you and your readers. Just go here and see for yourself: http://schnickschnackmixmax.blogspot.com/search/label/Jazz



Clifford Allen said...

Yeah, I have this LP - it's a doozy. Still looking for Frictions and wouldn't mind hearing some of Joos' other work (his 1st Japo LP is awesome).

onxidlib said...

Good Morning (in my Time Zone),
as I have written before I've a list for inconstantsol.
Among "Frictions" there is a second Scherf on it called "Interaction".
Also another solo by Joos + Joos' Quartet + "New Jazz Ensemble" with Joos,Konrad,Sell,Roidinger(he is on an excellent trio date with Braxton and Oxley),Bednarek a.o.
Plus two from "Fourmenonly" the successor from MJQK.And some more...
The second MJQK will be posted the next few hours.

Anonymous said...

Invalid or Deleted File.((

onxidlib said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

PLEASE re-up!

Anonymous said...

..i'm too late..
chance to hear:
Free Jazz Group Wiesbaden ‎– Frictions Now
Svein Finnerud Trio s/t
Formation s/t (self release 1973 swiss)
dump question, but this blog is
the only chance!!!
thanks for your passion to freejazz

onxidlib said...

RE-up is on its way...
I don't have Free Jazz Group Wiesbaden ‎– Frictions Now or
Formation s/t (self release 1973 swiss)
And Svein Finnerud Trio s/t is available from two labels; Jazzhus Disk and on Plastic Strip there's a Box http://www.plasticstrip.no/index.php?/cdvinyl/sven-finnerud-boxset/

But I can re-up two LPs from the same pool of musicians: Free Jazz Group Wiesbaden "Frictions" and Dieter Scherf Quartet "Interaction" if there is any interest. http://inconstantsol.blogspot.de/2010/09/httpwww.html

onxidlib said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

thanks for the fast reaction!
would be real nice to re-up
the friction lp
best from berlin

-Otto- said...

Thanks for this re-up from September. It's still working, the link. Thanks, onxidlib!

onxidlib said...

There's a plan to reissue this LP and others of the MJQK...so for the time being I won't do a re-up.