6 November 2018

GUUS JANSSEN SEPTET ‎– 85 .... 86 (CLAXON, 1987)

A1. Duw
A2. Sbrodj
A3. Taag
A4. Indiaan 2

B1. Indiaan 1
B2. PF
B3. Moos
B4. Plint

Michael Moore, alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Raoul van der Weide, bass
Wim Janssen, drums
Maud Sauer, oboe, shanai
Guus Janssen, piano
Ab Baars, soprano, tenor saxophone, clarinet
Paul Termos, alto saxophone
Annemarie Roelofs, trombone
Maurice Horsthuis, viola
Ernst Reyseger, violincello

Recorded at Amsterdam Bimhuis, August 3, 1986 (Duw, Sbrodj, Moos, Plint), Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum, August 9, 1986 (Taag) and August 10, 1986 (Indiaan 2) and Utrecht Vredenburg, December 9, 1986 (Indiaan 2, PF)

Claxon ‎– 87.18

LP Rip


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Many thanks

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you, Nick. Glad to have some Janssen for comparing Whitehead's words and for sheer joy.

Howl Din said...

How splendid. An addition to the miniscule discography of the wonderful Anne Marie Roelofs! Thank you so much.