18 November 2023

TELLEMARKK :: Koncert ze staré synagogy v Plzni (2010)

This is Czech improvising group combining jazz with ethnic influences in the vein of Don Cherry or Ethnic Heritage Ensemble. They released very fine studio album in 2017 (available here).

tellemarkk - koncert ze staré synagogy v plzni

1. jurta  14.10
2. harlem  3.50
3. jen tak si lehnout do trávy  10.53
4. tanec skurut-hai  9.34
5. mámení  2.47
6. noc v maroku  6.54

pavel hrubý - soprano sax, bass clarinet, shells
tomáš reindl - tabla, cajon, didgeridoo, hang, percussion
dorota barová - cello, line6, voice, percussion
as guest: 
františek kučera - trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion

recorded live at old synagog, pilsen, may 12, 2010

self-released as cd-r

posted with group's permission


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FLAC https://www.mediafire.com/file/af170izaptoluaf/TELLEMARKK+-+Koncert+ze+Staré+synagogy+v+Plzni+(2o1o).7z/file

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