14 May 2012


Finally >  Thank you Inamorata, for your third contribution:

James Newton Trio and Quartet: Binu (Circle Records, 1977)

Here's the third and last installment of The Complete James Newton on Circle Records.

James Newton Trio and Quartet: Binu
Circle Records RK 21877/11

James Newton, flute & ceramic flute
Mark Dresser, bass
Tylon Barea, drums
Allan Iwohara, koto (B2, B3)

A1.  The Change (James Newton)  09:06
A2.  T & E (James Newton)  05:23
A3.  Pinkie Below (James Newton)  07:28
B1.  Red Car (Butch Morris)  07:12
B2.  Past Spirits (James Newton)  06:18
B3.  Shakuhachi (James Newton)  07:33

Recorded August 21, 1977 at Studio Z, Los Angeles, by Bruce Bidlack
Produced by Rudolf Kreis

This studio date must be one of Mark Dresser's earliest recordings. It also is the first officially issued encounter between Newton and koto player Allan Iwohara who also figures on Newton's fine "Water Mystery" from 1985. A later (?) video of James Newton performing with Allan Iwohara ist at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjVgwOpXxgg.
Again, the LP transfer was de-rumbled and de-clicked but otherwise left unchanged.

Discography of James Newton's recordings on Circle Records (all timings are mine, don't trust those given on the LPs):

1977/01/16   James Newton & David Murray
    James Newton, flute
    David Murray, alto & tenor sax
The Smudge Pot, Claremont, CA (live)

1.  Monk's Notice (James Newton)  13:41        Solomon's Sons, RK 16177/5
2.  The Dean (James Newton) 6:19  (DM out)    Solomon's Sons, RK 16177/5
3.  Theme for the Kidd (David Murray)  8:59    Solomon's Sons, RK 16177/5
4.  3D Family (David Murray)  7:14  (JN out)    Solomon's Sons, RK 16177/5
5.  Solomon's Sons (James Newton)  8:07        Solomon's Sons, RK 16177/5
6. Woman (Bobby Bradford)  6:03  (DM out)    Flutes!, RK 7677/7

Notes: Recorded by Bruce Bidlack. The playing order of the tracks is unclear. Timings include announcements and applause.


1977/05/21  James Newton solo
    James Newton, flute
Studio A, KPFK Pacifica Radio Los Angeles, Cahuenga Blvd., N. Hollywood, CA

1.  The Dean (James Newton)  7:35        Flutes!, RK 7677/7
2.  Choir (James Newton)  4:26            Flutes!, RK 7677/7


1977/08/21  James Newton Trio and Quartet
    James Newton, flute & ceramic flute
    Mark Dresser, bass
    Tylon Barea, drums
    Allan Iwohara, koto (5, 6)
Studio Z, Los Angeles

1.  The Change (James Newton)  8:38         Binu, RK 21877/11
2.  T & E (James Newton)  6:22            Binu, RK 21877/11
3.  Pinkie Below (James Newton)  7:28        Binu, RK 21877/11
4.  Red Car (Butch Morris)  7:07        Binu, RK 21877/11
5.  Past Spirits (James Newton)  6:31        Binu, RK 21877/11
6.  Shakuhachi (James Newton)     7:34        Binu, RK 21877/11

Note: Recorded by Bruce Bidlack.



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