8 May 2012


This is the first performance of what came to be known as the Globe Unity Orchestra and one piece which was recorded at Donaueschingen (the other title "Globe Unity 67" was released by Atavistic as Globe Unity 67 and 70 (Atavistic Unheard Music Series UMS/ALP 223CD).
Two other groups played at this occaison:  Irène Schweizer's Jazz Meets India group and the Archie Shepp Quintet ("Live at the Donaueschingen Music Festival", MPS).

(Attention! The text-file in the download is not correct!! - You may copy the text below and save it!)


Manfred Schoof, trumpet, cornet
Claude Deron, trumpet
Horst Gmeinwieser, trombone
Willi Lietzmann, tuba
Willem Breuker, soprano & tenor saxophone
Peter Brötzmann, alto saxophone
Gerd Dudek, tenor saxophone
Kris Wanders, baritone saxophone
Gunter Hampel, flute, bass clarinet
Alexander Von Schlippenbach, piano, conductor
J.B. "Buschi" Niebergall, bass, trombone
Peter Kowald, bass
Mani Neumaier, drums
Jaki Liebezeit, drums

1. Globe Unity (A. von Schlippenbach)     19:12

Recorded on 3rd November, 1966 at Philharmonie, Berlin, Germany.

For a short time available as side A of an LP (October 2014) released by The Berliner Festspiele, now OOP.
Here is the data of the vinyl.

Manfred Schoof , cornet, high D trumpet [trumpet, cornet]
Claude Deron, trumpet
Jürg Grau, trumpet
Oliver "Jiggs" Whigham, trombone
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Willi Lietzmann, tuba
Heinz Sauer, tenor & soprano saxophone
Peter Brötzmann, alto saxophone  [& baritone saxophone]
Gerd Dudek, tenor & soprano saxophone, clarinet [tenor saxophone]
Kris Wanders, alto saxophone, bass clarinet [baritone saxophone]
Willem Breuker, baritone saxophone, clarinet [clarinet & bass clarinet]
Gunter Hampel, flute & bass clarinet
Karlhanns Berger, vibraphone
Alexander Von Schlippenbach, piano, bells, gongs, tam-tam
J.B. "Buschi" Niebergall, bass
Peter Kowald, bass
Jaki Liebezeit, drums, tympani
Mani Neumaier, drums
Sven-Åke Johansson, drums

2. Main Lines (A. von Schlippenbach)    24:48

Recorded on 21st October, 1967 at Stadthalle, Donaueschingen, Germany.

Note 1: The instrumentation for "Main Lines" is taken from the Atatvistic CD - the instruments given in [...] were given in the text-file from the cd-r which I got through tradeing. My appreciation goes to G. - thank you for pointing out the discrepancy!
Note 2 : I have posted this recordings in the old comment section in November 2010 but it went nearly unrecognised if one counts the number of downloads...Enjoy.


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Thanks onxidlib, one of the very few recorded traces of late belgian trumpet player Claude Deron. See the post (and comments from his former partner) on the Free Forms Sextet on my blog.

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thanks for the music! I am still hoping that a recording of the GUO at the "Total Music Meeting" in Berlin, November 1968,
will show up too!


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