2 February 2012


Some weeks ago I relistened to Noah Howard's "Black Ark" - again Earl Cross impressed me with his wonderful playing.
I started a reasearch about reccordings with/from Mr.Cross - there are very few and less are available.
Thanks to W. who kindly borrowed me this LP we are now able to enjoy one of the rare appearances of the trumpet/fluegelhorn player extraordinaire: Earl Cross!

As a "bonus" the LP contains a song of Sam Rivers Tuba Trio....three LPs from a concert at the Bimhuis were released on the german (Cologne) lable Circle - this is not the concluding track.
For "Essence XI" we would need "Sam Rivers/James Newton - Flutes" also on Circle Records...

Does anyone have the first three LPs?


Sam Rivers Tuba Trio:

Sam Rivers, tenor saxophone
Joe Daley, tuba
Warren Smith, drums

A1. The Essence - Part X 08:10

Earl Cross Sextet:

Earl Cross, fluegelhorn
Jimmy Vass, soprano saxophone
Daoud Haroon, trombone
Ronnie Boykins, bass
Juma Sultan, bass
Roger Blank, drums

A2. J.L. March 15:09
B1. Una Muy Bonita 15:32

Recording of the Tuba Trio track at the 2nd of September, 1976 at the Bim Huis, Amsterdam.
The Sextet was recorded at the Wollman Auditorium, during the New York Musicians Festival on 3rd July, 1973.


(lp rip)

UPDATE! > part I - IX is here



onxidlib said...
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glmlr said...

Onx: Yes, I have the original 3LP's of Sam Rivers' Tuba Trio - "The Heat and Warmth of Free Jazz" on the Circle label. Again, I posted them on C#9 some 5 years ago, but I agree they are due for a repost in flac. I'll make a note to do it.

onxidlib said...

That would be great - thank you in advance glmlr!

Maybe I can get the Rivers/Newton on Circle - then we would have the complete Tuba Trio concert...

paul w. said...

hi onxidlib,

many thanks for this rare vinyl. i was looking for it for over 30 years !!!

i have the first two lp's of sam rivers tuba trio myself plus my friend in warsaw has the third lp. please find below the links to those 3 lp's :
http://www.multiupload.com/DFQHXLQRH8 sam rivers - tuba trio - the essence vol. 1.zip (226.79 MB) (flac)
http://www.multiupload.com/AS3SQXG9RS sam rivers - tuba trio - the essence vol. 2 & vol. 3.zip (385.26 MB) (flac)
unfortunately i couldn't make scans as i don't have a scanner.

best regards.

paul w.

Anonymous said...

Paul W - those links you give are dead.

Arizona Phossils said...

Holy Moly!

paul w. said...

hi everybody,

sorry for this situation. the links are dead. however when i was writing my comment and i gave you the links - they were good on hotfile and uploadking. i will upload these files again later today.

best regards.

paul w.

paul w. said...

hi there,

please find the new links to sam rivers tuba trio vol. 1-3 :
http://depositfiles.com/files/i6ui2suto sam rivers - tuba trio - the essence vol. 1.zip
http://depositfiles.com/files/xchm26ft3 sam rivers - tuba trio - the essence vol. 2 & vol. 3.zip

the links are good as i write it. i have no idea what will happen to them in the future. hope you all like this music.

best regards.

paul w.

onxidlib said...

Hi Paul W - thank you very much!

I try to find the last part as well - i.e. a split LP between Rivers and James Newton.

Igor said...

Unbelievable! I thought that this Earl Cross' album is lost for ever. I also dug for it without success for decades.
This could be the find of the year, at least as I am concerned. Thanks a million, onxidlib.

Some nice pictures of these cats can be found here

unitstructure said...

Thank you. The guys in the Earl Cross group sound great.Love those two basses!

onxidlib said...

You'll find the final track of this series here

-Otto- said...

Thanks for the quick re-up, onxidlib!

Scraps said...

Oh, thank you! Tuba and Sam Rivers!

SamRivers D said...

i am also a fan of earl cross. heard him first with chas tyler. beautiful! thank you for this.

SamRivers D said...

(vass was an andrew hill horn in the 70's, also appeared with the sunny murray untouchable factor. haroon may be known to some as John M. Lewis.)

onxidlib said...


francisco santos said...

Big THX !!!.....

Anonymous said...

thanks fiends for your dedication, big love