15 February 2012


Finally a proper post of the complete concert (almost!) - THANK YOU GLMLR !
In the correct sequence and pitch-corrected - this is part I - IX > part X you'll find here

Part XI is still missing....as is a proper re-issue...!



This rip is identical to the one which was first posted on Church Number Nine in early 2007, except in that this is now in flac, whereas the earlier post was in mp3. The same original wav files were used for each post.

Unfortunately, the three original LP's, as issued, reversed the entire sequence of the music as played, i.e. LP3 (sides 5 & 6) comprised the first set, LP2 (sides 3 & 4) comprised the second set, and LP1 (sides 1 & 2) comprised the third set.

This, I thought, was nonsense, so here (as on the earlier C#9 post) I have changed the sequence back to what the musicians originally played. Consequently, what is posted here is:

CD1 - the whole of the first set (LP sides 5 & 6), plus the first half of the second set (LP side 3)

CD2 - the second half of the second set (LP side 4), and the whole of the third set (LP sides 1 & 2).



Sam Rivers - The Tuba Trio

Sam Rivers - tenor, soprano, flute, piano, voice
Joe Daley - tuba, baritone horn, percussion, pipe
Warren Smith - drums, percussion.

Essence - The Heat and Warmth of Free Jazz - Parts I-IX

(Two encores, parts X and XI, were released on separate compilation LP's on the Circle label).

Recorded 2nd September, 1976 at the Bim Huis, Amsterdam, Holland.

CIRCLE RECORDS RK 2976/1-3. (3LP rip)



Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...
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ubu said...

Many, many thanks!

Wish Part XI would turn up as well!

Anonymous said...


Chris said...

Great to get all these albums sorted and evermore listenable, thanks again for the dedication in bringing some of these works back into circulation.

1009 said...

I'd almost forgotten about these sets, but listening again I'm reminded what a great trio this was. Thanks so much for putting such time and care into posting these as accurately as possible!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful Sam Rivers. Unfortunately, disk 1 won't unpack for me completely. I've tried twice with identical results. But I'm very grateful for any of this great session.
...Tom F.

Anonymous said...

I'm experiencing the same troubles as the previous poster, strange... But thanks a lot for the effort anyway!

riccardo said...

fileserve CD1


fileserve CD2

glmlr said...

Riccardo: Many thanks for setting up the alternate links.

Tantris said...

Hi, everyone - thanks very much for making this available in lossless form. Great to see this blog flourishing.

Tantris said...

Hi everyone - great to see inconstant sol flourishing - and for the name to become highly relevant as the speed of neutrinos from Geneva to Italy is scrutinised! I still have the Church number 9 mp3 files, but thanks for making this great recording available in flac.
-- T

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re-up of Sam. A great album! I remain indebted to you and your fine Blog.
...Tom F.

Anonymous said...

hi! much' much thanks for the completion of this killer LP trinity. magnificent stuff.
you may also like this astounding live improv dedication to Sam Rivers by Jason Yarde (who toured with Rivers Riverbea Orchestra during Sam's 2003 UK tour) & hyper kinetic Free-Jazz pugilists The Sankofaz .... http://holyrollerproductions.com/blog/unsung/the-evolution-suite-ive-known-rivers/

craaaaazy stuff & a fine tribute to this incredible man. there is a short video of documenting the concept & artists that contributed also at.. http://holyrollerproductions.com/blog/unsung/rivers-flow-on-a-tribute-to-sam-rivers/

out * * * *

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


bhowani said...

Thank you Onxi for the re-up !!

Rick Lopez / bb10k said...

All right, this is driving me crazy.
GLMR (who is that? I'd like to credit them) said:
"Unfortunately, the three original LP's, as issued, reversed the entire sequence of the music as played, i.e. LP3 (sides 5 & 6) comprised the first set, LP2 (sides 3 & 4) comprised the second set, and LP1 (sides 1 & 2) comprised the third set."

First of all, how do we know this? Inquiring minds and all that.
Secondly, where is Part X from? It is not either of the two tenor sections from Parts I-IX.

I have the Soundboard, and it doesn't have this "Jazz of the Seventies" track.
Also, the Soundboard is in the same order as the Tuba Trio Vols. 1-3. My poor mind...

And finally, does anyone have the FLUTES! section from the split with Newton?
I don't have access to that, having foolishly sold my copy some years ago.

Okay, BOOK coming, thanks for any and all help with this.

kinabalu said...

Hi Rick,

GLMLR was the moniker of Graham L. Rogers, a Brit living in Athens who for many years was a regular contributor to this blog until his untimely death in 2014. We posted a brief obit here:


I don't have an opinion on the correct sequencing of the various parts, but the 2015 reissue of the Tuba Trio albums lists the tracks in this order:

The Tuba Trio - Essence, Vol. 1

01. Essence, Part 1 (Instrumental Solo of the Tenor Sax) (3:23)
02. Essence, Part 2 (Instrumental Solo of the Tuba) (3:13)
03. Essence, Part 3 (Instrumental Solo of the Drums) (4:34)
04. Essence, Part 4 (Dramatic Intrusion of a Second Tenor Sax) (10:20)
05. Essence, Part 5 (Group with the Flute) (16:40)

Total length: 38:30

The Tuba Trio - Essence, Vol. 2

01. Essence, Part 6 (Group with the Soprano Sax) (20:34)
02. Essence, Part 7 (Group with the Piano, Tuba and Drum Solo) (19:43)

Total length: 39:50

The Tuba Trio - Essence, Vol. 3

01. Essence, Part 8 (Group with the Tenor Sax) (18:04)
02. Essence, Part 9 (Drums Interlude & Group with the Piano) (14:23)

Total length: 32:15

Part X was posted here:


Part XI was posted here:


Links to both are still active.

Good luck with your book and don't forget to notify us when it's out!