15 February 2012

Woody Shaw Quintet - Live in La Spezia '79

Anthony Braxton on Woody Shaw.

Rec. live in La Spezia, Italy, on July 6, 1979
(mics recording)

Woody Shaw,trumpet & flugelhorn
Carter Jefferson,tenor & soprano saxes
Onaje Allan Gumbs,piano
Stafford James,bass
Victor Lewis,drums

1. There Is No Greater Love [I.Jones] (19:02)
2. Seventh Avenue [V.Lewis] (10:06)
3. Every Time I See You [O.A.Gumbs] (13:46)
4. Woody I On The Newark [W.Shaw] (11:14)
5. Stepping Stones [W.Shaw] (09:20)
6. You Never Said You Had To Go [O.A.Gumbs] (11:44)
7. Rosewood [W.Shaw] (10:53)

Total Time 1:26:08

Stepping Stones (excerpt)


riccardo said...

mp3 (197 MB)

flac (513 MB) part1 part2

g.raf said...

Many thanks for sharing it.

sasha said...

Beautiful..Many thanks..Any live Woody is very welcome.

trane said...

What a surprise, thanks a lot Riccardo

riccardo said...

Oron links :
mp3 (197 MB)
flac (513 MB) part1 part2

sasha said...

Thankyou riccardo for the alternative links..I really appreciate that..RS has clearly been somewhat overwhelmed since the whole megaupload situation broke..These sub links really do help..

duck said...

I can only agree with Sasha, the FS links are great,as are your posts. as an old musician i do appreciate more older music, please don't be angry at me for passing the more avant garde material

grumpy said...

A belated but very welcome discovery - many thanks. And how wonderful to find the RS links still working faultlessly!

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