2 February 2012

Abdullah Ibrahim and Carlos Ward - Live at Sweet Basil

Here's another follow-up to an earlier post. A while ago we posted a set of these two gentlemen recorded at Kalisz in Poland in December 1984. Fourteen months prior to the concert in Poland, they recorded this set at the Sweet Basil in New York in October 1983. The promised Vol. 2 has never appeared.

Abdullah Ibrahim with Carlos Ward
Live at Sweet Basil Vol.1, Ekapa 004

A1 The Dream
A2 And Find Me A Shelter In The Storm
A3 Mummy
A4 For Coltrane I / For Coltrane II / New York City

B1 Anthem For The New Nation
B2 Gwangwa
B3 Theme From "King Kong"
B4 Black Lightning
B5 Gwizda
B6 The Stride
B7 Soweto

As with the former posting, this is lyrical, melodious, beautiful, tasteful; whatever adjective you want to apply to this set. As pieces pretty much run together, sides A and B are ripped as two separate files.

Thanks to Robert aka amnesia for supplying these sides.


kinabalu said...
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charlie said...

Great music - wish it was on cd, but I can't get Oron to work.

kinabalu said...

@Charlie: I just tested the link and it worked fine. 88 downloads so far, so it should work.

charlie said...

Thanks but it doesn't count down - a known problem. Perhaps my ISP is blocking it.

mike said...

works for me, I use Opera


charlie said...

Thanks but no go on Opera either.

Anonymous said...

"This file has been blocked for TOS violation."

Why is nobody using mediafire? How did kinabalu get this idea to use this completely unknown service?

kinabalu said...

Looks like a technical error of some sorts. It's back on track now.

Re. the last question: Using an unknown company may be an advantage, given that high web visibility these days seems to be a liability - think of Megaupload. But I could be wrong.

Bhowani said...

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so it's seems that Oron is one of best known hoster in the world ..

I hope you won't mind ! and thank you for the share, this is the most important !

kinabalu said...

Yeah, I kinda noticed. Lotsa oddball stuff going down, I'm sure, but that probably applies to the other file servers as well, I would think, though not advertised as such.

It seems that Multiupload is not functioning, implying that a bunch of links has gone awol. Any suggestion for a reliable service is highly welcome, though.


Not too keen to go back to RS which is deleting my old files en masse. After I found that 25 percent of files had disappeared overnight, I decided to quit for good. Funny, files uploaded to Divshare five years ago are still accessible.

If none of this is sustainable, one may have to look for alternative channels, such as darknet options.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking for this album in a digital form for years and years... Can't believe I missed it by a matter of days! If anyone can help out... michaeljohns2004 is my email, at yahoo dot com.

Anonymous said...

Please kinabalu, drop me a line if you relink this album... michaeljohns2004 at yahoo dot com :)

kinabalu said...

New link for this one:


Anonymous said...

kinabalu, many thanks for your excellent blog.

Please could you relink
"Abdullah Ibrahim and Carlos Ward - Live at Sweet Basil" - I can't get the orun link working at all.

Keep up the good work.

Many thanks

kinabalu said...

New link:


Anonymous said...

Just noticed a lot of files gone from my hard drive, and back up. Any chance of a re-upof this one - my favorite? rs says not available - or is it just a daily limit thing?

kinabalu said...

New links:




-Otto- said...

Thank you for the re-up!

actuelly said...

this is one to keep playing and playing - thank you so much

Andy said...

The ADrive link is for Alan Silva

kinabalu said...

Indeed it is. Alan Silva is not bad for a bonus treat, eh?. The Mega link is (still) correct, but the Dropbox link is gone. Well, one out of three is better than none out of three ...

francisco santos said...