22 August 2009

Rashied Ali, Charles Gayle and Sirone live at Burghausen 2008

Here's something to remember Rashied Ali by, who died on 12 August. This is a fairly recent concert in Burghausen, Germany (in Ober-Bayern, more precidely), beautifully captured by Radio Bayern 4.

Basic info:

Rashied Ali - Charles Gayle - Sirone, 2008.03.08, Burghausen (Germany)
Stadtsaal, 39.Internationale Jazzwoche
Burghausen, Germany
8. March 2008

Charles Gayle - as,p
Sirone - b
Rashied Ali - dr

1. Burghausen Rising I (Sirone) - 15:24
2. Burghausen Rising II (Sirone) - 14:19
3. Burghausen Rising III (Sirone) - 7:44
4. Burghausen Rising IV (Sirone) - 10:33
5. Off Rythm (Gayle/Ali/Sirone) - 5:52
6. Naima (Coltrane) - 17:09
7. Expression (Coltrane) 15:16

total time 86:17 - complete!

The partnership of the three goes back a long time, to the NY loft jazz scene of the 70s, vividly described by Valerie Wilmer in her "As Serious As Your Life", an essential read for followers of this blog, I would think. A fine performance by all three, Ali with a lighter touch than what he sounded like on his early 70s duet with Frank Lowe (which ought to be posted somewhere, if it hasn't already), Charles Gayle, going from his post-aylerean expressiveness on the sax to a somewhat more lyrical side on his two piano offerings here, and finally, but not least, Sirone, who might be the least conspicuous here, but is right there with some beautiful, sinuous empathetic support. Do listen in cos bassists often get buried in the mix, but not here, though.

More Ali coming up if I find something in the archives. We have posted Ali before, here and here. Charles Gayle can be heard here and Sirone here.


jazzme said...

I have a couple of posts you and your people might enjoy at http://anythinggoes-jazzme.blogspot.com/ Steve

kinabalu said...




Anonymous said...

I hesitate to ask b/c it seems to piss a lot of people off, but I have to hear this. I'm a huge free jazz fan & frequently visit this site. I've left a couple of comments but really don't think I have much to offer of interest, other than thanks. I have an antiquated system and few resources. So - how do you covert FLAC to MP3?, or would someone be kind enough to post this in MP3. A thousand pardons. Love the site.

8mmbolex said...

lovely post.
here's the ali - lowe duo exchange on call it anything.
i've ordered the wilmer book. thanks for the tip!

Wallofsound said...

Anonymous, there's plenty of free ware that will convert file formats. I work with a Mac and use Max. You just drag the flac (or whatever format) files into the programme and press a button. I'm sure PC users can suggest their favourite.

If no one's posted a mp3 version by this evening, I'll do one.

MrBill said...

Anonymous - I use Media Monkey to convert audio files on my PC. There's a premium version with more features, but the free version works just fine for me.

freebones said...

Anonymous - I don't think it pisses many people off. MP3 is better for those of us frequently on the go!

I would also contend that MP3 works just fine unless you're listening in a silent room and your speakers have motion stabilizers.

Anyway, there's a free program called SWITCH that works pretty well available from download.com.

I have had it for two years and it is lovely. Just go there and search for SWITCH and then download and install. It should be easy to figure out from there.

Happy listening.

And thanks to you, jazzme, for the wonderful shares, as always.

Wallofsound said...

Thnaks for the concert, kinabalu. I very much enjoyed it. Here's a mp3 version (hope that's ok, kinabalu)



Arcturus said...

!!!!!! :)

repeated "thanks" sound so tiresome, but . . . yea, merci

intested in anything by Ali or Gayle, but add Sirone to the mix & it becomes essential

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the info (&MP3). Great concert; great post.

Anonymous said...

Again a super post, yes Gayle and Sirone are a great pairing and then throw in Rashied Ali and you have a good night out. I just read a great interview with Sirone in an Australian journal/magazine called 'xochi23' vol 2. In it he touches on many aspects of his long and varied career. There was also an interview with avant guitarist Mike Cooper and a piece on Paul Bowles (the 'beat' novelist) and his Moroccan field recordings. All in all a good read.

trane said...

great post, thanks a lot (I had an uncomplete version that had circulated on Dime, so I am very grateful)

kinabalu said...

No problem, WoS.

Thanks for the tip re. the Ali - Lowe Duo Exchange. I shall investigate.

I did this in flac only as an incentive for our readers to get the best possible sound out of this concert recording. It bears up very well, even when listening through headphones on the stereo. CD-quality, no doubt.

sotise said...

Thanks for this K, AND FOR THOSE INTERESTED THERE IS YET another ali concert somewhere on this blog
a quintet live at the pure jazz festival, Den Haag Netherlands, A Wonderful set!

for those interested VLC player is free shareware that enables the playing of Flac , Ogg and other files... simply google it the site comes up.

roberto t. said...

I don't have enough thanks for this great concert, gratitude is the word!

Beto said...

Hello! There's someone in South America (Brasil) who loves Inconstant Sol, since long time ago. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sirone is gone to the heaven....
Yesterday Sirone died at home in Berlin. He was 69 years old, a difficult character but a great muisician......

We'll miss him

Ragazz said...

thanx for this amazing recording , greetings from India !!! :D

kinabalu said...


mike said...

thanks and greets from OR

jdogg said...

Please re-up. Rapidshare is long deceased. Thanks.