30 October 2007

Rashied Ali Quartet - New Directions In Modern Music 1971

Ali, who replaced Elvin Jones in John Coltrane's band, formed this quartet after Coltrane's death. On this session Fred Simmons was standing in for the regular pianist, Don Pullen. The style of musically carried on from where Coltrane left off - high energy stuff, with lots of drumming and long solos.

Fred Simmons - piano
Stafford L James - bass violin
Carlos Ward - alto saxophone and flute
Rashied Ali - percussion

As-Salaam-Alikum 22:26
Akela 21:10

Ripped at VBR quality 0. Links in comments.


Boromir said...



glmlr said...

This is a great record! Especially for anyone who missed it first time around. Thanks for refreshing our memories Boromir!

mcd said...

Love this one!

Frank Wells said...

Hey guys,

I didn't know exactly where to post this, but former Church-9er's (and everyone interested in free jazz) might like to see — at least the cover of — Marzette Watt's fabled record on Savoy ... here:


Now if only the music from this record would pop up on the internet! So many blogs have put out a request to hear it. Some day, some day.

Oh yes — all the Ali recordings from his label are wonderful. I managed to find my copies at (gulp) Wal-Mart of all places ... (!?)

Let's keep on the lookout for the Watts!


Brent said...


I assume that "Robert Fews" on the Savoy is actually Bobby Few? For some reason it escaped me that he was involved in these sessions. The couple of tracks I have heard have not blown me away, though (particularly the addition of [completely needless] vocals on "Lonely Woman").

Anonymous said...

i hadnt heard this is an amazing record before, so thank you very much. although, for a 'digitally remastered' cd, it doesnt sound as good as i would have thought.

Frank Wells said...

Brent — yeah, it'll probably be a little anti-climactic when I finally hear the Watts session. You're right: "Lonely Woman" does not need vocals!

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Thanks for the Ali! Carlos Ward sounds great. A lyrical and soulful player, but not afriad to "noodle around" as well! Just wish the engineer would've turned up the levels on Stafford's bass!

genezyp said...

I never cared much for Ali, when I first heard him, I thought it was stupid of Coltrane to let Elvin go and stick to this guy, who can only beat those sticks all around. But then I heard him on the Charles Gayle classic "Touchin' On Trane" and I thought - where did all those good things come from? Now I'm a bit confused about Ali, I'm still not sure I like him, but I'm just always curious what's he like with other people.
Thanks for this.

OlG said...

Thanks for all the great music posted on this blog! Unfortuantely the dl link for Rashied's album has expired, so if You were so kind to make a re up (or, if re-issued, the information where is it possible to buy it), I would be delighted.
Greetings from Warsaw,

Anonymous said...

would love a re-up on this. missed by a few years!

James Manion said...

any chance for reposting this please!

kinabalu said...

New link:


James Manion said...

thank you kinabalu