29 March 2008

the Revolutionary Ensemble- manhattan cycles 1972 (india navigation lp 1023) lame and flac

heres an old favourite , and a tasty follow up to recent Braxton postings.
I don’t think this has been reissued on cd , it was reissued on innercity in 1978,.
Sadly very few of their albums are available at present.

This is one long continuous piece recorded live in concert on December 31st 1972 (the record cover does not specify where.

This even features an early example of the turntable as instrument, billie holiday’s low moan being clearly audible , though seeming to emerge out of a fog..and becoming less and less audible as the piece progresses.
This was the first release on India navigation.. and it’s a beauty.

Hope you enjoy it.
Flacs will be added , later tonight or tomorrow if they are required.

Manhattan cycles – India nav lp 1023

1 piece manhattan cycles- composed by leo smith
side a) 23’
side b) 18’
leroy jenkins, sirone, jerome cooper
truncated lp cover scans included



sotise said...

manhattan cycles

sotise said...

personnel is
leroy jenkins- v ,va
sirone- db,
jerome cooper- dr, bugle ,perc, tapes ect

sotise said...

flac- 190 meg

serviceton said...

Leroy Jenkins - wonderful
sotise, I tip my hat to you
Many thanks.

giu said...

SUPER!! Love & respect to Leroy's Great Spirit

Frédito said...

Wo ho ho, what is it ? Never heard of this album. really looking forward to listen, one of the most captivating groups I came to hear on record. Many thanks Sotise !


p.s : nothing new on Eccels...?

gilhodges said...

Brilliant! Many thanks. My old India Nav. copy is too worn to play anymore, especially on the radio. Will make great use of this. Cheers!

dalemcbdnl said...

Hey Sotise thanks for this post. I think it's sad that so many of the India Navigations are not readily available in CD form. I have the LP and scanned the front cover for anyone interested.



Reza said...

Lovely stuff thanks sotise

Anonymous said...

this is a treasure.

for me, one of the most beautiful things about the blogging scene has is having all these revolutionary ensemble records made available.

can anybody tell me what the bop head is that the phonograph starts playing at the end of side B? I don't know what it is.

thank you so much,

sotise said...

brian, it sounds to me like a sped up version of now's the time.
could be wrong though.

redrichie said...

Excellent. Looking forward to this 'un.


Eric Devin said...

Thanks for this! One of my favorite performances ever was Leroy + Felicia Norton at Vision in 2005. Such a sound, such a spirit...

kinabalu said...

Finally got to listen to this one. Tip: Put it on the Ipod if you plan to get around to listen to something. Very chamber-like, closeted, almost stark, this one. But I've gotta listen more, hopefully.

el goog said...

Hello sotise
We start 'India Navigation Discography' and made a link to this post.
If you do not want it, please tell me so.
Keep it up and thank you in advance.


mattas said...


Solomon said...

Thank you.

pcvphunk said...

Too great! I'm hyped... thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

you are awesome

troods said...

This site continues to give and give and give some more. Thank you for all your hard work and generosity. This album sounds incredible.

Andy I said...

Many thanks. I'd never heard this before.

TomP said...

I would love a flac copy of this as my vinyl wore out many years ago, but the link does not work, so can anybody help? Thanks

serviceton said...

Here you go TomP - these are the FLAC files for Manhattan Cycles as posted 4 years back


TomP said...

Many thanks serviceton !! My long wait for this one is now over !!

Any chance of re-seeding the 'Peoples Republic' flacs too?

Thanks in advance

SOTISE said...

I didnt realise ,Seviceton had re upped my original rip, heres a brand new rip with a much better stylus!
Flac & Pics

Luc Mosley said...

Excellent re-up! I have this on vinyl somewhere.

francisco santos said...

i am sorry but can you re post this one once more please ?....thank you very much

kinabalu said...

New link:


This is an audio-upgrade version supplied by Tom P. Sounds very nice, indeed.

I have two live recordings of this ensemble from 1977 - one lasting two and a half hours! I'll put them on the to do list as there seems to be an interest in hearing more of this group.