21 August 2009

Julius Hemphill - Live in Verona '80

If you have already listened "Blue Boyé" and "Roi Boye",
then, you could image what a kind of magnificent music
Hemphill performed that evening...

Rec. live at "Teatro Romano", Verona, Italy, on June 6th, 1980
(mics recording)

Julius Hemphill,flute,soprano & alto saxophones +
pre-recorded percussions

1. Track #1 (35:18)


riccardo said...

lame (73 MB) :

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Bombshelter Slim said...

Thanks for this, there REALLY seems to be a severe lack of Hemphill available anywhere, and the 2 Boye albums are among my favorites.

alec said...

Many, many thanks for this one! Along with Muhal, Hemphill is in my top 5 favorites.

matt w said...

Thanks for posting this; I love hearing Hemphill in all the different settings.

trane said...

Thanks for sharing Riccardo, Hemphill is truly appreciated

Arcturus said...

a greatly appreciated addition - there's been a small constellation of musician/composers I've been returning to intensively the past few years - Hemphill, Hill, Jenkins, MR Abrams, Tapscott, Bang & Jang all bubbling atop the surface - muchos gracias!

Igor said...

Thanks for Hemphill, riccardo.

Can you e-mail me on wazooline@gmail.com, please.

Adam said...

Thanks for posting this, it's really interesting especially to someone relatively new to Hemphill like me.

mew23 said...

New link