25 April 2009

Cecil Taylor Unit - Live in Stuttgart 1966/1969

Number 9 from I Forgot Clifford. I had 3 Cecil Taylor posts and all 3 had many downloads. This was the most rare of the 3 posted. Cecil Taylor Quartet on 2 dates in Stuttgart. This stuff comes from Blue Mark Music produced by Zooey Records. A soundboard recording, presented in 320 mp3.

October 16, 1966

Second Amplitude Words

Cecil Taylor - piano
Jimmy Lyons - alto sax
Alan Silva - bass
Andrew Cyrille - drums

November 10, 1969

Fragments of a dedication to Duke Ellington

Cecil Taylor - piano
Jimmy Lyons - alto sax
Sam Rivers - tenor sax
Andrew Cyrille - drums





Anonymous said...

The CT posts are appreciated more than I can say...

matt w said...

Thanks, this is great.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I have been enjoying it. I have Conquistador, Unit Structures, and Student Studies, so this compliments these other titles quite nicely. But I have a question. The first track is 40:25and it starts with what sounds like the middle of a drum solo. It does not begin with the iconoclastic piano flurish on the studio album. Is this a partial track? I have been searching for information on this recording on the web and have found none. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. That dream quartet on the 69' show doesn't fail to impress.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much this blog is amazing!

Unfortunately the 1966 stuff is no longer on rapidshare, could you possibly reupload?

Anonymous said...

Also the 1969 show. Both of them are down. Thanks

durianizer said...

Dear all,

Unfortunately the provided mp3-Link does not work due to permissions restrictions.

Do you have any idea where I can get the CD from ?

Can you help opening the rescritctions for the mp3 links or provide more info what to do ?

Thanks a lot