25 April 2009

Archie Shepp / Bill Dixon Quartet

Number 10 from I Forgot Clifford. This was one of the first posts on the blog and is still rare vinyl.

This is a vinyl rip 320 mp3 from the classic Savoy LP featuring Bill Dixon on trumpet and Archie Shepp on tenor sax. This has a mainstream feel for both artists and yet has a 60s pulse as they drive through originals and Leonard Bernstein. Bass and drums by Reggie Workman, Don Moore (b) and Paul Cohen, Howard McGhee (dr) October 1962.

1. Trio
2. Quartet
3. Somewhere
4. Peace



I am going to close the Clifford Blog. There were other favorites including Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Hannibal, Paul Bley, Paul Smoker and more. I do plan to post some other stuff on this blog.


Scott said...

This is one LP I've been looking for for a long time and it's so beautiful. I picked it up at I Forgot Clifford and it has been on the play pile since. Thanks for sharing.

Musaklee said...

Hey many thanks! Sincerely. This is great. Love it. But was wondering about the cover. It seems to be a BYG Actuel LP... but I doubt it's the Savoy cover ?! Any clues.

Cheers to all.

rev.b said...

Would love to see this reposted of you're of a mind too.