24 April 2009

Steve Lacy - The Crust

vinyl rip, 320 mp3, Emanem

Number 8 from I Forgot Clifford. You can't have a top ten jazz blog without some Steve Lacy. This one appeals on many counts, rare, Derek Bailey and John Stevens.

This was another classic Lacy session from the DJ archives. When I look back on the benefits of blogging it was to meet some new music pals like DJ and exchange music, ideas, opinions.

Steve Lacy - ss
Steve Potts - as
Derek Bailey - guitar
Kent Carter - bass
John Stevens - drums

The Crust
The Owl
A bit of the Dumps
Revolutionary Suicide

100 Club, London, July 30, 1973


My own music group below was very influenced by Lacy.



Colin said...

Whoa, Derek Bailey? Never heard of this one. You continue to amaze and delight. Thanks so much!

unitstructure said...

Does anyone know steve potts' current whereabouts?

pcvphunk said...

Whoa! This sure looks like a treasure.

Highly appreciated share!


Scott said...

I downloaded a bunch from I Forgot Clifford the last day it was up and did not tag them properly. I have what I think is a 23 minute Steve Lacy version of "Epistrophy" and maybe another track called "Now": anyone know what this is from? It's a great recording! As is this one. Thanks as always for posting!

kinabalu said...

The answer may be somewhere here:


Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Another gem. Thanks.

pablo said...

You may be referring to a post of a Richard Davis Muse LP

Now is the Time

This is a live date with Hannibal.

nik said...

Can you upload this again?