21 April 2009

Anthony Braxton Sextet at Institute of Contemporary Arts - Boston (MA) november the 5th 2005

Ezio Minetti- Caresses

Anthony Braxton Sextet

Anthony Braxton


Taylor Ho Bynum


Jessica Pavone

violin, viola

Jay Rozen


Carl Testa


Aaron Siegel


November 5, 2005
Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, MA

01. Composition n° 345
02. Composition n° 349
03. Encore

In date 02/05/09 some corrections to the info of this blog thanks to the expertise of Centrifuge. A great THANKS !

Here is another unofficial recording date from the wonderful Braxton sextet, the one with my favourite Taylor Ho Bynum and Jesssica Pavone among others.

The Braxton sextet seems to carry on the tradition of free jazz and AACM music as that of a more generous reception in Europe (and Canada) than in USA. This year we "celebrate" the 40th anniversary of this long lasting tradition that began, as well known here, with the flyin' of many afroamerican musicians, AACM members in particular, to Paris.

The Philadelphia performance has been for sure the first 2005 American date of this astonishing ensemble as it has been reviewed here [http://www.bagatellen.com/archives/frontpage/001062.html] and here [http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/news.php?id=7694].

The Victoriaville date is the only one officially documented [on Victo 108] and posted here [http://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/2009/04/anthony-braxton-sextet.html]. This post is decidedly from another tape source being of lesser audio quality but adding to the Victo album a little, marvellous extra: an about five minutes encore (wrongly posted twice at the end of composition 345 and as a file apart).

The november Boston date, posted here, has been the second, and last, american date of this group at least to my knowkedge. It was recorded the day after the Philadelpia concert that meet a strongly positive reception.

Down here an in-complete list of the group performances.

february 19 2007
Metastasio Jazz, Teatro Metastasio, Prato, Italy

february 17 2007
Piacenza Jazz Festival, Teatro President, Piacenza, Italy

february 14 & 15 2007
Porgy & Bess,
, Austria


November 4, 2005
Music @ International House

Philadelphia, PA

August 28, 2005

@ Sant' Anna Aressi Jazz Festival, Italy

July 20, 2005

Molde Jazz Festival
Molde, Norway

May 22, 2005

Victoriaville Festival, Canada

April 9
Corunna, Spain

April 8 2005
Banlieues Bleues Festival - Paris, France

April 7 2005
Warsaw, Poland

April 6 2005

Bimhuis - Amsterdam, Netherlands

It's my aim going on little contributin' to the Anthony Braxton gigography, and to the Henry Threadgill discography. In the next times I will add to this post all the infos I will found about this group and the DCW trio (both with Taylor Ho Bynum) and post here some more Henry Threadgill unofficial (broadcast and private recordings) date.

If someone here is interested in this two projects every effort will be wellcome.

In particular about the Threadgill discography project [http://discography.backstrom.se/threadgill/] I've found till now at least more than 100 audio documented dates and tens of non documented. I've just began to listen to some date to attribute correct titling and personnel infos but it is a very hard and long work.

On the other hand the Braxton discography and gigography, marvellously mantained by Jason Guthartz and otthers, constitute in my opinion a reference project. Here You can easily find every useful link [http://www.akamu.net/braxton/discography.htm]

Last but not least I'm going to complete the 35th AACM Anniversary Festival in the next monts.


Anonymous said...

Threadgill and Braxton are always welcome musical additions to me. They are wonderful. Thanks.

LYM said...

Anthony Braxton – (2005) ICA Boston (Mass) 2005.11.05 – (boot) [FLAC]









A great THANKS to Pablo and Riccardo for their invaluable contributions here.


wightdj said...

I need to devote a whole hard drive to Braxton DLs. Thanks.

maready said...

I would just like to give you another big collective "thank you" for all of the great posts, but in particular the recent Braxton and Taylor Bynum stuff --- listening to these concerts got me to get the big Iridium set back down off of the shelf where it had been gathering dust --- I really think this is a great period for Braxton, and have been very happy to make the musical acquaintance of Mr. Bynum, Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone as well --- the number of CDs I have bought by these musicians since listening to them here should be proof enough that music blogs are not taking money away from artists, they are simply providing the exposure that radio used to, a long, long time ago.

Of course, I thank you also for the Sam Rivers, just to name a recent example ... but all this Braxtoniana will be keeping me busy for quite awhile!

Bombshelter Slim said...

Threadgill! Threadgill! Threadgill!

centrifuge said...

thanks very much for posting the whole concert, i only had the first set. however, there are several inaccuracies in your post; purely in the interests of providing correct info, i have addressed these here: http://tinyurl.com/dxmvhk

Ochyming said...

A BIG Fat thank you!

Marcelo said...

hiya, part5 is missing. Can seem to find it. Can you repost? Many thanks for the great music.

Thaddeus Milne said...

This looks like a really cool tape. The part 5 download is "missing or invalid" but the rest is there! Any chance somebody can re-up that part, or maybe the whole thing in fewer parts?!

Thanks for all you do!